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Created and introduced by Leaf Studios, Katawa Shoujo is a Visual Novel, Dating/Life Simulation and a video game all in one. This game takes place in an imaginary setting of a high school where disabled children in Japan study. The story revolves around a boy named Hisao Nakai who has a Cardiac Arrhythmia. Due to this disease, he transferred to a new school where he was able to meet new friends and falling in love with them.

Katawa Shoujo is actually a platform which lets you get into a game where you read the texts as it appears on the screen and make decisions to control the game and initiate the possible end events. Thus, this game is actually a choice-based game where endings come in multiple possibilities.

Aside from Katawa Shoujo there are other choice-based games which you could also explore and try.

1. Episode

Control and create your own story? This is possible through Episode. Episode is a virtual game which you could design and make choices and contribute to the story’s ending.

This app is a mobile based and is a storytelling platform which provides stories of Hollywood and famous celebrities which you control and create the story and world.

2. Surviving High School

Surviving High School is a story based game which offers drama that revolves on a theme of challenge and love. This app targets individuals with age ranging from 18 years old to 45 years old. Every week new episodes are being updated.

3. Nicole

Nicole is a visual novel that tells a story about your dating life and life in general. The protagonist is named Nicole and through this character, you will be able to get into the fantasy of creating a life for Nicole. The setting of this story is in College wherein you get to make choices for Nicole and direct her love life as well.

4. Sprung

Sprung is a combination of story themes of romance and adventure. The story allows you to create, decide and expose mystery or fight against dangerous and hilarious situations. The story that this app carries offers you to be able to play and engage with quests. The game has two protagonists which you could select one and start playing the game.

5. The Flower Shop Summer in Fairbrook

This game has a story about love life and farming. In this game you will have to play the character named Steve and control the story and make choices for his story. The storyline starts with a plot in summer time where there are four girls of whom you could spend time with and will decide on how the story will move forward.

This platform is compatible with Mac OS 10.6+, Windows XP and Linux.

6. Supple

Supple is a life-simulation and an online dating platform where you will play the character named Arin Costello. The rule of the game is you will need to control and help her excel by finding her a date, job, etc.

7. Magical Diary

Magical Diary is one of the most popular and most widely used app. This game comes with an excellent storyline based on dating and life simulation. In this game you could make new friends, take an exam in school dungeons and even run for a position in class.

8. Witch Spell

Witch Spell is a visual novel and dating story simulation that is compatible with Android devices. It is an Otome-based platform which is about a female named Akari who is the best friend of Hisato. Hisato teaches SuperSonics love spell to Akari. Akari then tries to charm her ex-boyfriend named Jin. Then she meets unforeseeable and unforgivable events. As a player, you will have to go with the story and make decisions.

9. High School Story

This story is for those who would like to re-live or get to live a life of a high school student. The High School Story lets its users to create and design a school of their choice and do whatever they want to do in school and control the storyline by arranging parties, go on dates, unlock levels through activities in this app. In High School Story, you will get to go on fashion shows, spring break beach trips and many more.

10. Roommates

Roommates is a popular widely used Dating Simulation. This app’s theme is more of adventure-based, visual novel. It is created for single player use and is published and written by Winter Wolves.

11. Princesses’s Maid

This story revolves around the elements of flirting, dating, romance, life simulation and visual novel. Princesses’s Maid is actually based on Anime which was developed by Toki Production. If you love animes, you will surely love this app. It is about twin princesses who are about to marry someone they do not know. Control the ending of the story by interacting through the dialogues and charm and do some tasks to complete the game.

12. Frozen Essence

This app is more of a fantasy simulation created by Unbroken Hours. Frozen Essence comes with four characters which could be chosen from by its players. The story’s protagonist is a female character named Mina. Mina is unsealed from a crystal home or residential and follows a guideline from Oracle and is guarded by her bodyguards. This story has multiple endings and the ending will depend on your decisions and interaction with the story.

13. Pirates in Love

Pirates in Love is created by Voltage. It is a novel style romance and dating life simulation type of story which will get you hooked. Become a member of the pirates in this app and start your journey and find the love of your life here on Pirates in Love.

14. Lucky Rabbit Reflex

Another Otome type of app, Lucky Rabbit Reflex is a love, visual novel dating and social networking model. It is created by Studio Super 63 and it allows its users to play a character and have a girlfriend or boyfriend while you build and enjoy life in this story.

15. Campus Crush

This story revolves around romance, visual novel and dating simulation. It is created and developed by Episode Interactive and is compatible with mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. The story of Campus Crush takes place in a fantasy university world name Lockwood. A single player could enjoy this game and get into the story of being in a university.

16. Brooktown High

Brooktown High gives you the chance of re-living your school days, it allows its users to choose the sex of their character- female or male and create the uniqueness of your character. In this app, you will get to interact with other students and members.

17. Catherine

One unique feature of Catherine is it could be played by single and multi-players. It is an adventure type of story which was created by Atlus. The app comes with a character named Vincent Brooks who initiates to strangers dreams after his girlfriend named Catherine talked and debated with him about getting married. Want to know the ending? Start playing this app and you will surely get hooked.

18. Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

This game’s theme is unique as it is not only about romance but it also has a mix of comedy and dating simulation. It is about a group of novels that are changed in fellows by the opposite sex. In this app, you will find visual anime, nudity, dating and indie for boys and girls.

19. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright is a visual novel and dating platform with users from all over the world. It is an adventure game created by Capcom. The game is about four characters and one of which is named Phoenix Wright. The characters involved are Phoenix Wright who is a defense lawyer and Maya Fey who is Phoenix’s assistant who has psychic powers. Another character involved in this game is Mile Edgeworth who is Phoenix’s rival and a prosecutor. Join in their story and enjoy the ups and downs of this story in the courtroom and start playing this game.

20. Nova: Synthesis Creature

This game offers a multilingual adventure story which could be played by a single player and is compatible to be played on Mac. The story’s theme revolves around dating and romance simulation. In this game you will find a kingdom and monsters that threaten the safety of the kingdom. Save and protect the kingdom by joining and start playing this game.

21. Sakura Beach

Sakura Beach is a game for single players. It is considered as a dating simulation game created by Winged Cloud and Sekai Project. The game is based on fantasy world and it revolves around a protagonist named Seiji who is a daydreamer. Get to know more about the fantasy world of Seiji? Try and play this game. We guarantee you will definitely enjoy this game.

22. Locked Heart

As the name implies, this game is a dating, flirting and life simulation game that is created by Visual Wordplay. It is an Otome based game that allows single player to enjoy the simulation game. In Locked Heart, you experience the life of the protagonist named Aura who is trapped in an isolated mansion. Get to know her story and dictate its story by making decisions and playing by directing the story of this game.

23. Analogue: A Hate Story

This game comes with a theme of romance, dating, flirting simulation and visual novel. It is created by Love Conquers All Games. This game is more of storytelling and has a moral ambiguity feel. It is similar to watching a horror movie but better as you get to experience the story by playing this game.

24. RE: Alistair

RE: Alistair is a game that revolves around the theme of dating. It is compatible with platforms such as Window, Mac and Linux. The game is a Otome-based, visual novel which could be played by a single player. The game revolves around male bachelors and female protagonist.

25. My Candy Love

If you are into love dating simulations, then we highly recommend you play My Candy Love. My Candy Love allows its users to flirt with a guy you are interested in at the same time get to create and direct your own story in this game.

26. Supple: Episode 2

Are you into fashion and magazines? Then this game is perfect for you. In this game, you will be able to play the character role of Arin Costello who is a stylist editor. As Arin Costello you will be able to shop, gossip, work and make out in the employees’ lounge.

27. Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

This game is all about dating and life simulation which allows its users and players to manage two characters who are roommates who are interested in each other and who wants to become a couple. Help them achieve this and help them hook up by playing this game.

28. Kantai Collection

This game is an anime based story that could be played by a single player. It is also a visual novel and dating simulation which you would definitely enjoy. The game takes place in a world with lots of characters which you could choose from and manipulate and direct the characters and the story game.

29. X-Note

X-Note is a Visual Novel, Romance, Dating and Life Simulation app which comes with life and dating feel of design and aesthetics. The game’s main character is named Essi, a young girl whose mother got into a car accident and passed away on the spot. The death of her mom had a bad effect on her and changed how she behaves. Essi found a flash player which contains some information about her mother named X-Note. Catch more of Essi’s story by playing this addictive game play and great story plot.

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