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Whisper is an application which provides an avenue for someone who would like to share experiences, secrets, ideas, etc. with others and at the same time get to know other’s personal life and secrets too. The amazing part of all this is you get to pour your stresses, feelings, worries, etc. while being seen as anonymous. Through this way, you will not have to feel embarrassed nor worried about others judging you.

This type of app is growing more popular and continuously gains thousands of users everyday as this app gives everyone a chance to express themselves openly without their identity being divulged. In addition to that, in this app, one could discover what the real world is about through real stories of real people.

1. Yakko

A social media app, Yakko is a platform where and which you could use to chat with a large group or community of people from all over the world and at the same time it keeps your identity anonymously. The app is so easy to use and registration is not required. All you have to do is just download the app and you are good to post, comment and interact anonymously with others. In addition to that, you will be able to receive real-time notifications, search a list of universities, report a post, share your inner feelings, start a conversation and many more.

2. Peek

Peek is for those who would like to have this type of app at the tips of their fingers as Peek is compatible with any smart phone. In this app, you will be able to flirt, maintain and create relationships through chatting and peaking at someone by automatically receiving a picture of the person you are missing. Moreover, you will also get to see what the person you would like to peak at is currently doing. This app is awesome to keep in touch with someone.

3. Confess- Share Secrets

Share Secrets is an avenue or a tool which could be used by anyone who would like to make a confession about anything. They could openly tell what they have done and how their actions made an impact on others. This app is perfect for those who are feeling guilt and would like to get away from the burden of the feeling by openly telling someone.

4. Anonymous Chat

This app is created for those who would like to chat to strangers and open up about anything without being known or by being kept anonymously. In this app, you will be able to chat randomly with anyone privately in a secured environment.

5. Reddit

Reddit is a platform where its members get to deliver and share any trending news, breaking news, idea and many more. This app aims to empower its users and provide them an avenue to discover places and empower themselves.

6. Swiflie

In this app, you will find people who are great at their own field. You will get to see and read their points of views on topics they specialize in. The amazing thing about this app is you will be able to share your thoughts and insights without the fear of being ridiculed or bashed for your comments as posts are only temporary and are removed after a certain time.

7. Quora

Quora is one of the most famous and popular platform where you could ask any question and get answers in real time. The app carries a question and answer, FAQ format. In this app, you will find helpful comments and answers to your questions.

8. Vent- Express Yourself Freely

In this app, you will be able to express yourself freely to a huge group of members on a daily basis. You could exchange thoughts and get opinions to any concerns or problems you have in life. If you want to get an advice from people who you do not know and get sound advices without any judgments, this all if perfect for you.

9. Post Secrets

This is a social media app which could expand your social mates or provide you new friends. This app is one of the most widely used platform which allow one to be part of community art projects. The app is created by Frank Warren. This app is offers delivery of messages secretly through mobile.

10. Jodel

This platform is a community based application where its users could regularly share their points of views on any published topic on the app. They could also post their own threads and invite others to join in discussions.

11. Amino: Communities and Chats

This is a social media app that comes with a lot of network communities. It allows its users to discover, explore the things they would love. You will be able to experience chatting, creating

and answering polls, blogging and many more. The aim of this app is to bring people together and be around people who have the same ideals and interests as you do.

12. Bspotted

Bspotted is a place where you could chat with other people from all over the world. This app is specifically recommended for students as this app caters a group of students who love to speak their minds, suggestions, talk about anything under the sun, etc. Bspotted also implements an “anonymous” option.

13. Oruapp

This is a texting app that allows you to send and receive messages from anyone within the maximum perimeter of 1km. This app comes with a theme similar to tinder where you could swipe to accept or reject people who you like or don’t like.

14. is an app that comes with superb communication features that is specifically created for parents to monitor and contain their children. Through this app, parents will be worry free and could have that ease of mind in being able to connect them to their children.

15. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a great platform that aims to assist in resolving challenges and answering queries about gaming, software programming, photography, cooking and many more.

16. Squeeck GPS Questions, Answers

In this app, you will be able to ask anything you want and get all the answers you need. Squeeck is one of the platforms where one could learn and gain useful experiences. This app is available through the use of mobile.

17. Medium

Medium is a reading and publish platform where a lot of people from all over the world could interact and talk about anything that matters. Through this app, you will be able to access thousands of stories that are free to read.

18. Ask Me

This app is a platform for students who would like to discuss and resolve about student life questions. Ask Me is an app that is introduced by University of Toronto. This app is an amazing tool that allows one to be collaborative with other users.

19. Question and Answers

As what the name of the app says, Question and Answers is a platform where users could help one another in answering questions of other users. In this app, you will be able to find intelligent and useful answers to any inquiry you have.

20. Socratic

This app is a wonderful tool that students could use to assist them in doing their homework. In this app, you will find step by step instructions that is straightforward and simple to understand. Socratic is a highly recommended app for students of all levels.

21. Kiwi

Kiwi is a social media app that allows its users to question and answer other users. In this app, you will find communities of friends and new people that will give a helping hand in any type of topic that you need to know.

22. Practical Answer

If you need professional level answers to some practical questions and complications, this app, Practical Answer will provide you solutions from a range of numerous categories. This app is very useful and comes with a lot of resources.

23. +ask

+ask is another friendly app that provides assistance in answering any questions you may have. This app includes amazing and useful features. If you have any personal questions or want to share your problems, this app is perfect for you.

24. Counsel- Real-time Advice

This app is a real time advice platform where you could ask advice from real people. Get positive feeling and effective solution for your problems by talking to people around the world who are using this app.

25. TalkLife- You’re Not Alone

Sometimes it is harder and more difficult to talk about your problems to someone you know. You do not need to hide these thoughts, problems or difficulties to yourself as through TalkLife, you will be able to talk to someone who understands and would get you. Aside from that, this app ensures that whatever you talk about will be kept confidential and secured.

26. RealQA

If you need to resolve your issues and get some suggestions and options, this app comes with a community that would help you with any of your dilemmas. It supports location-aware and real-time questioning and answering.

27. Advice MortalGuidance

In Advice MortalGuidance, you will be able to get your desired answers to questions you have in mind. This app includes a huge community of online users from all over the world. Advices here are very practical and effective.

28. Ask a Famous

Ask a Famous is an avenue and a platform where you could share your knowledge and your understanding of the world. Through this app, aside from getting answers, you will also be able to donate to charities, get to ask a question to someone famous and many more.

29. Project Toe: Help Someone

In this app, you will be able to choose important decision options which you could get from members in this app. The app would let you introduce yourself as anonymous. Project Toe lets you talk freely without the fear of being judged.

30. ASKfm

This app is an anonymous question and answer platform where its users need to create a profile. Once you’ve done so, you will be able to ask questions and get opinions of others. ASKfm is a great avenue to answer all the queries or questions you might have.

31. piQ

This app is another highly recommended platform for students. It is a tool that help students solve complex issues regarding their studies. It comes with lots of benefits and advantages which will surely help and assist any studen

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