Smartphone Apps That Make Learning Easier

It’s hard to find students who don’t have smartphones in their pocket these days. Moreover, researchers found that half of the modern-day teenagers spend more than seven hours a day using their smartphones for entertainment. 

However, mobile devices that became essential in our lives can also make learning processes easier. You will find a selection of the top applications that help students learn new skills seamlessly down below.


This one is a comprehensive application that uses Artificial Intelligence to solve math problems and find answers to any questions in a blink of an eye. The app also shows students how to reach a solution by themselves and offer a large number of visual study guides.

When the app cannot find a solution, it offers the most corresponding articles from the Internet and YouTube videos.


YouTube is a very popular video-hosting that most people associate with entertainment. However, this service also hosts tons of educational videos that help students obtain new skills using a smartphone for free. Also, students use YouTube when they don’t understand a particular topic in the classroom and want others to explain it in more detail.

It is one of the most popular mobile apps in the educational niche. This comprehensive digital dictionary brings more than two million definitions and synonyms of English words. 

´╗┐It’s a great tool for international students who want to improve their vocabularies. The inbuilt game helps students remember new words better. 

The application also helps to learn how to pronounce words correctly, which is very important for students from overseas. In case you’re an international student, feel free to buy essay online to maintain a high college score while improving your English proficiency. 


All students need to plan their time, create to-do lists, and make notes. Evernote is a leading-edge application that can help to replace paper notebooks. This organizer also foresees the opportunity to scan documents, add attachments, record voice, set reminders, etc. 

Nevertheless, the primary benefit of this app is that it synchronizes all the notes on all devices. Students can easily make notes on their smartphones while studying and access them using a computer in the evening with no hassle.


When students don’t know something, they likely surf the Internet to find answers to their questions. This app allows access to the world’s largest science articles collection in a few taps on a smartphone. 

Moreover, it provides the opportunity to save articles offline. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to save them all. There are more than 40 million articles on Wikipedia, and this number is growing every day. 


Do you experience a lot of problems trying to solve math problems? If so, this app is a must on your smartphone. Using a phone’s camera, this app can scan a math problem and get it resolved simultaneously. 

The smart calculator also provides the ability to choose among different methods of reaching a solution and review them step-by-step. 

Chemistry Lab

This application is a must for students who learn chemistry. It helps take a deep dive into the world of chemistry. Some tasks and flashcards help learners learn more about chemical reactions and make the studying processes fun and simple. 


All engineering students should have this application on their smartphones. It is a unique app that can find a solution to any problem. It can make any computation in one second. It also shows step-by-step solutions and saves a lot of hours for students. 

Math Tricks

Modern apps can solve complicated math problems in a few seconds. However, will you be able to solve them by yourself if your smartphone’s battery becomes drained? If not, download this app. 

This app will teach you dozens of tricks on how to calculate large numbers quickly. After passing all the lessons, you’ll be able to resolve complicated math problems in a few seconds. Math Tricks is highly recommended for downloading for school students. 


This application is a top pick for students who are always short on time. Most of all, the app is famous thanks to the ability to read summaries of nonfiction books. Also, there is an option to listen to audio-books on the go. 

Pocket Physics

Physics requires students to learn a lot of formulas. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to remember all the formulas. Pocket Physics can help access them all in a few taps. Also, there are tons of guides to learn more about physics.

Bottom Line

These days, the education processes are simple and effortlessly. Moreover, a lot of helpful apps eliminate most problems and help students make learning easier. There is nothing wrong with using apps from the list above to improve your knowledge in a particular area. However, try not to use them for cheating.

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