Best Apps to Store Your Gift Cards

Buying the perfect gift is a hit and miss. Sometimes the gift is very much appreciated and loved. Sometimes it is just a so-so. The reason behind this is we really do not know what the person we are giving gifts to really want. So not worry as there is a perfect solution to this and this is through gift cards. Gift cards allow the person you are giving gifts to the choice to choose their own presents. This gift solution has actually become very popular due to its convenience and we suggest you try it too. 

Why store gift cards on your smartphone?

Another convenience about gift cards is that you could store them on your smartphone. This way, you will not have to bring them and put them inside your wallet which for sure will make it bulky. This would also help you reduce space which most plastic cards take. You would not need any physical space. Furthermore, this form of purchase is widely accepted and used. 

The only issue that you might face is that the credit could only be used on a particular shop. Hence, if you will think of it, this will reduce the number of opportunities where you could choose and spend the gift card on. Though this is the case, what most would do is they would collect all gift cards after Christmas or birthday and would go on a dedicated shopping spree or trip. There are some, however, that would spend their gift cards on a needed basis. Example, you would need a pair of pants in March, they would use the gift card on March and pay through the use of their gift card. The only downside to this is if you have not stored the gift card on your phone, you might forget the card and might not be able to use them when needed. 

The common type of gift card: magnetic stripe

The most common and traditional gift cards are in the form of magnetic strip card. Unfortunately, most smartphones could not mimic magnetic stripes. However, there are some new Samsung smartphones that feature MST or Magnetic Secure Transmission. This feature allows you to mimic magnetic stripe cards. Unfortunately, they only support MST for debit and credit cards as of the moment. Though that is the case, maybe in the future we will soon get to experience using magnetic stripe for gift cards. However, in the meantime, the only solution is to present the long number which is printed on the card below the magnetic stripe. However, for sure this will not be appreciated by the cashier at all. 

The less common type: Barcode

Though barcodes are less common, it is still being used by some merchants. If you come across this type of gift card, you are in luck as it is easier to store it on your smartphone. All you need to do is scan the barcode through the use of your camera. The app on your smartphone will then retain a copy and once you need the gift card, all you need to do is launch the app and present your smartphone with a barcode reader. The only downside of this is that there are some barcode readers that cannot scan smartphone screens especially when you are using a screen protector. If this happens, all you need to do is let the cashier type the barcode number. 

Android smartphones: Android Pay

There are numerous apps available for Android users. One of the most useful is Android Pay . It allows you to make contactless payments. All you need to do is install the app, tap the + button then tap add gift card. Choose your retailer and add your card details or scan the barcode. Lastly, tap save. This will allow you to access your gift cards together with your other payment cards. We suggest Gyft and Stocard .

iPhones: Gyft and Stocard

Apple wallet does not have the ability to let its users to store gift cards. Fortunately, third party apps have this capability. Check out Gyft  as mentioned above. It allows you to upload and manage your gift cards. Another option you could use to store your gift cards is Stocard


Today’s technology is amazing which makes our lives comfortable. One of which is the use of gift cards. Storing them on your smartphone makes it convenient and fool-proof solution. So what are you waiting for? Try now and have fun shopping. 

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