ASUS to unveil its first smartwatch at IFA on 3rd September

ASUS officially confirmed the news about an ASUS smartwatch and that the company will be unveiling its first wearable product at the IFA event scheduled to take place on 3rd September. ASUS smartwatch will be based on Android Wear and will feature Android apps specifically developed using the Android Wear SDK.

Today, ASUS posted an interesting photo on their official Facebook page, showing the sketches of the upcoming ASUS smartwatch from different perspectives. The photo also has a quote from Khalil Gibran, “Time has been transformed, and we have changed.” The same quote was posted on ASUS twitter page when the company made the announcement that it is going to unveil its first ever smartwatch.

The quote may have a slight hint of what ASUS would name its smartwatch. ASUS has many products that carry the label “Transformer” in their names and the quote containing the same word gives a strong clue that the company is planning on using its trademark ‘Transformer’ name with its smartwatch.

Judging from the sketches that are on the photo, it looks like the ASUS smartwatch will feature a slightly curved display, much like a traditional watch design and a leather wristband. Even though majority of the smartwatches from different manufacturers are expected to be priced somewhere around $300, the ASUS smartwatch is said to cost between $100 to $150 however it is not confirmed.

There is so much excitement already build up for this year’s IFA event. There is so much to look forward to in the month of September. Motorola, LG, Samsung, Apple and now ASUS, all are expected to make big announcements at the IFA event. And majority of the companies will be announcing smartwatches too. So, it will be an awesome event to see who comes out on top and who gets people’s awards for announcing the most superior smartwatch.

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