ATT Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update released

The ATT Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update has been one coming, though few are surprised. After all, AT&T is usually one of the latest if not the latest carriers to push out updates for its devices. We reported that the Galaxy S5 on Verizon was to get the Android Marshmallow update in 2016, and it did — back at the end of May, 3 months ago, as did T-Mobile. Sprint’s Galaxy S5 got the Marshmallow update before Verizon and T-Mobile, which leaves AT&T as the last of the Big Four to bring the sweet treat to Samsung’s now two-year-old phone. Galaxy S5 owners have had to wait an even longer time than LG G4 customers who’ve had Marshmallow for about 6 months now.

The ATT Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update has now been released, with those wanting to hang onto their S5s a little longer getting the option now that new life has been breathed into the device with the new update. Android Marshmallow brings features such as Doze Mode, customizable permissions, detailed battery stats, and even a new easter egg: Google took the “Flappy Bird” design in Lollipop and turned it into a game of Harshmallows where the bugdroid has to avoid the prickly marshmallows to survive. The Marshmallow update brings the usual bug fixes and enhancements, along with improvements in battery performance, so there’s that.

The ATT Galaxy S5 Marshmallow update comes in at a hefty 938-955MB, so you’ll need to make sure your device has enough storage available for it. You can go into settings under system and check your storage, then head over to system -> about device -> software update to prepare your device for a sweeter treat than Lollipop. Come back here and let us know if you updated it and whether or not you like the changes, as far as you can see.


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