Best Alternatives to Audacity

Creating media content is not something that only large entertainment companies can do, nowadays, independent creators can make their voices heard thanks to a great range of convenient tools available. If you want to ensure that the quality of your YouTube videos is the best, or if you are working on your own music tracks and want to give them a professional touch, chances are that you are familiar with Audacity. This popular audio editing solution is trusted by users all over the world. It offers many ways to improve the sound of your content and it can also be used to enhance the audio of your personal music collection.

Since Audacity is open source and free, it has become the favorite option for many people. It offers a wide selection of features that allows you to tweak or combine audio tracks and it supports many functions that will help you to get professional results. There are many plug-ins available for Audacity and overall, it is a suitable solution for most cases. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no other programs that can do what Audacity does or even more. If you feel that Audacity is not right for your needs, or simply want to know what other options are available, check our list of the best alternatives to Audacity.


This free program gives you the possibility of editing and recording audio seamlessly. Oceanaudio includes advanced features, but it is easy to use and it delivers efficient performance. The tool comes with a great variety of effects such as noise gate and chorus. In addition, it offers basic and advanced audio analysis and there are many VST based plug-ins to choose from. The program works well with many audio formats including MP3 and WAV. Oceanaudio also allows you to choose multiple parts of an audio file so that you can edit and add affects to them. It supports Mac, Windows and Linux.


Although WavePad offers several features, you won’t feel overwhelmed using it because the application is designed to keep things simple. With WavePad you can get professional editing results on Mac, Windows, Android or iOS. It is very easy to use and it gives you the chance to put together multiple tracks and it also lets you have greater control over the creation process. WavePad supports popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV,OGG, WMA and AAC. It brings a great collection of sound effects and there are many different plug-ins available to personalize your experience with the program.

Sound Forge Audio Studio

With Sony’s Sound Forge Audio, you will be able to get superb results. This powerful audio editor supports advanced features that gives you control over different aspects of the creation process. The selection of effect processing tools, as well as the high resolution capture are just two of the reasons why Sound Forge Audio Studio is a great alternative to Audacity. It offers precision and ease of use, and it even supports vinyl recording and restoration capabilities, as well as automatic file mixing and conversion. It also offers full support for VST-audio plug-ins.

Steinberg Cubase

Yamaha is a well known company that covers many different areas, including music production. Steinberg Cubase is a fantastic solution for anyone who needs a Digital Audio Workstation to suit advanced audio editing requirements. It comes with multiple MIDI editors such as Score, Drum and Key so you will be able to create betas, chords and more without hassle. The audio engine provides great audio resolution and there are great editing features available including easy drum replacement and tempo detection. You can use Steinberg Cubase on Mac or Windows.


While AudioDope is not the most impressive solution in terms of features, it is incredibly lightweight and it provides fantastic performance. You can edit audio files in their entirety, or only some parts. With AudioDope, you have a wide range of audio effects available to modify your audio files. It also comes with audio processing effects such as chorus, phaser and flanger. AudioDope also supports normalization, sound 3D and more. It comes with useful tools like tone generator and frequency analyzer. It is possible to use VST plug-ins and you can even create ringtones using audio files. AudioDope works on Windows XP and higher.


This open source solution is ideal for Linux users with advanced MIDI sequencing needs. It offers impressive recording and editing features, and it gives you the possibility of recording and playing content from many internal and external audio sources. MIDI files can be imported or exported to be edited quickly using a wide variety of tools such as score editor, drum editor and piano roll. Popular formats such as WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA are supported. MusE is a flexible solution that offers many possibilities for audio sequencing.


Wavosaur is extremely lightweight and it is also free. It comes with all the features that you would expect from a tool of its kind including insert silence and trim. Its user-friendly interface is designed to allow you to edit multiple files in the same session. Thanks to this batch processing mode, you can easily add VST effect to your collection of audio files. The batch processing functionality is very practical and you can also export files via third-parry applications. Wavosaur also offers customization options such as skins that let you add a personal touch to the tool.

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