Best Basketball Backpacks

Your sports related things could get spoiled and damaged if you don’t take care of them. Whether you are a professional or someone who enjoys playing sports, it is important to take care of your sports gear by having A tough backpack to place your things in.

You will find numerous kinds and types of backpacks in the market. Depending on your requirements, needs and budget, you will definitely find something that will suit you. For those who are looking for a great backpack to place your basketball stuff or sports gear, below are the best basketball backpacks in the industry.

1. Vizari sports Solano Backpack

Vizari sports Solano Backpack is one of the best basketball backpacks. It is affordable and comes with numerous useful features. It is made of high quality materials that makes the backpack sturdy and durable. It has huge main compartment and two breathable side pockets. It also has padded shoulder straps that makes it comfortable to carry. For music lovers, this backpack also has an internal pocket for iPod and cable access for its headphones.

This backpack comes in 5 colors- pink, black, royal blue, red and royal blue.

2. Fashion Helpers Basketball Backpack

Just as its name, this backpack is very beautiful with its attractive designs. its materials are made of Polyester and Rip-Stop Nylon. These materials make your backpack sturdy and durable. It is lightweight and comes with a large mesh pockets, ball compartment and two side pockets. It also has a cellphone holder and an exit port for headphones. It comes with 2 pen holders as well.

This backpack is highly recommended for serious players looking for a reliable, durable and comfortable bag.

3. Nike KD Max Air Kevin Durant Basketball Backpack

Nike is one of the most popular sports brand and this backpack is one of the most ideal sports bag options. This backpack is lightweight and is also made of high quality materials. It is durable and ensures all your sports gear are secured. It has large storage space and has padded shoulder straps that makes it comfortable to carry. It also comes with water bottle pockets and lastly, this backpack comes with a shoe compartment as well.

4. Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Backpack

Made of high quality polyester, this backpack ensures your sports gear are safe and secured. It is water resistant and has anti-abrasion at its bottom panel. It also comes with HeatGear shoulder

straps that provides comfort when you carry it. If you need a bag to put your laptop in, this bag could accommodate up to 15” sized laptop together with your sports gear inside the bag. This model comes in 9 different colors.

5. New Nike Brasilia Gymsack Drawstring Bag

This type of model of backpack is not only for sports use but also could be used for multiple purposes. It could be used as a gymsack backpack and it is very light weight. It is easy to carry as well. It is made of Polyester material which ensures this bag is durable and strong. You will not have to worry about your things getting wet because this bag is water resistant. This New Nike Brasilla Gymsack Drawstring bag is highly recommended not only for sports but also for traveling and school use as well.

6. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team Backpack

This backpack is another multi-purpose bag. It is durable with Its 600D Polyester material and with its water resistant feature as well. Its bottom is water resilient and the bag itself is huge. It has a large compartment where you could put your basketball in or any sports gear you wish. For those who carries their laptop everywhere, this bag is perfect for you as it could carry up to 15” laptop inside its laptop sleeve. This backpack has a max air shoulder strap that makes its user feel comfortable while carrying this bag. This bag also avoids shock impact that your backpack could encounter when you drop off your bag somewhere.

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team Backpack comes in seven different colors such as gray, green, silver, purple, navy blue, gamma blue and black. This bag could be considered as unisex and could be used by both women and men.

7. Neat-Oh! Go Sport Basketball Backpack

This bag is made specially and specifically to carry and keep your basketball in. It is made of 100% 600 Denier Polyester which makes this bag very durable. The Neat-Oh! Go Sport backpack is highly recommended for rugged and rough use.

When purchasing this bag, you will find that it comes with a 3” basketball, net and a ball hoop. A set that you could play anywhere and anytime. This backpack’s fabric handle can easily fit any doorknob which you could hang your bag onto while you play.

The Neat-Oh! also comes with a headphones pass-through and a padded MP3 player holder for music lovers. It also has a laptop holder, pen organizer and a water bottle holder.

This backpack is one of the bags that exceeds the expectations and safety standards set by USA and is considered much better than most backpacks.

8. Baglandhigh Capacity Sports Backpack

A very eye-catching backpack, the Baglandhigh is one of the best options for sports and basketball lovers. It is sturdy, durable and is made of high quality polyester material. It is in fact water resistant which gives you peace of mind whenever it rains. Its design is unique and claims to provide comfort whenever you carry it. It is lightweight and has a longer life-span compared to other backpacks.

If you have a lot of things that you need to bring, fret not as this backpack comes with many storage pockets such as for laptops, earphones, cellphones, iPad, books, wallets, cards, iPads, umbrellas and a drinking flask. It also has a separate compartment for your basketball or sports ball or helmet.

This backpack is recommended for traveling, school, camping, cycling and basketball. If you are not satisfied with this backpack, it comes with money back guarantee.

9. Praise Start Backpack for Sports

Praise Start Backpack is an excellent choice for sports gear and basketball stuff. It has a huge zippered ball space where you could fit your basketball in. It has padded straps which provides comfort and is convenient to carry around without hurting your shoulders. This backpack also comes with a 2 front zipper pockets with movable pen and cellphone holders. It has 2 pockets on the sides for your water bottles and lastly, with this bag you can be assured that your clothes are kept cleaned through its separate compartments.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Basketball Backpacks

Playing sports could be a bit pricey and expensive especially the sports gear that comes with these activities and for you to be able to enjoy these sports gears for a long time, you will have to take care of them and have a bag where you could put them in.

One type of bag that you could place your sports related things is the basketball backpack. Though it is called a basketball backpack, this type of bag could be used for other purposes as well. There are numerous different types of brands and designs you will find in the market and choosing one could be a difficult task. Though this article has featured a list of the best basketball backpacks, it is important to consider the following before you purchase your basketball backpack:

  1. Spaciousness – one of the most important factors you need to consider is how much could your backpack accommodate. How much space would you need for all your things to fit?
  2. Multiple Uses– Basketball backpacks are usually made with a specific snug fit for safety and security of sports gear. However, there are basketball backpacks that could not only accommodate things for your sports activities but could also carry your other things such as your laptop.
  3. Padded Ball Compartment – Of course you will have to ensure that your things are safe and will not be easily damaged. A padded ball compartment is very important in keeping your ball safe from any damage.
  4. Durability and Reliability – it would be worth your money if you have a basketball backpack that you could use for a long time.
  5. Material Quality – This factor comes with durability and reliability factors. For a backpack to be durable, it has to be created or made with high quality fabric. We would not want to buy a bag that would easily break its straps due to low quality materials.
  6. Brand Name – Though there are many other alternatives, it is safe to choose backpacks that are well trusted and are recognized in the market and industry. This could be expensive but you are ensured and assured that you get your money’s worth.
  7. Resale Value– This also comes with brand name. For others, resale value is another thing that could be considered as important. Some bags could be sold again and could be a good investment.
  8. Water Resistance – This factor comes in handy especially if you use your bag outdoors. This feature could keep your things from getting spoilt and damaged due to water.
  9. Strong Padded Straps – This is one of the most important factors as it provides its users comfort.
  10. Scratch and Abrasion Resistant Bottom – Usually backpacks are used in a rough way or rugged way and if your bag is not scratch and abrasion resistant, this could damage your things inside.
  11. Multiple Storage Compartments – If you are someone that needs to bring a lot of things, then this is a very important feature. Having multiple storage compartments provide organization of your things inside your bag. This way, you will not have a hard time looking for your things inside your bag. If you have a storage for your pens, your laptop, your clothes, etc. this will make it easier for you to pack, to find and to organize.
  12. Warranty – Having a warranty ensures you that your backpack is a great investment where you could keep your things safe.

Could your Basketball Backpack Be Used as a School Bag?

Just as mentioned and featured above, there are basketball backpacks that are multi-purpose. Meaning they are not restricted for just taking care of your sports gear but could also be used for other things. Hence, basketball backpacks could be used as a school bag at the same time as a basketball bag. It is highly recommended for students who love sports. Basketball backpacks also come with compartments where one could put his or her books, pens and many more.

Although this type of bag could be used as a school bag, this bag is intended for adults so it comes with a price that is a little bit expensive for children to use. However, if budget is not an issue, then this type of bag is good for students and sports lover.

Can Basketball Backpacks Cause Long-Term Back Problems?

Usually backpacks cause back problems such as uneven distribution of weight strain on the neck, back and shoulders. These problems occur when they are not worn correctly and if your backpack is packed with too heavy things and is overloaded. Heavy weight could make you bend forward and compress your spine that could cause pain on your back and neck. Another factor that could cause you back problems is if you wear your backpack on just one shoulder. If you do this regularly, this could cause back pain and neck strain.

To avoid these types of problems, it is recommended to wear your backpack correctly.

Comfortability in Using Backpacks

Manufacturers ensure that backpacks are made comfortable for its users. They ensure that it is made of comfortable padded straps that ease pressure on shoulders. Depending on your choice of type of backpack, you could be assured that you could carry your things in comfort.


Basketball backpacks are not made only for athletes but it is also made for other purposes and uses. They are comfortable, durable, light weight and water resistant. These features ensure that all your things especially your sports gear are kept safe from being spoilt and damaged. With the list above, we hope you will be able to choose the best basketball backpack that would suit your needs and taste.

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