Best Belay Glasses

Though not everyone likes belay glasses, this climbing aid is the best solution to take away strain and pain off your neck and gives you comfortability when belaying. Just like any other tools and aids in climbing, they aren’t worth it if they are not comfortable and functional and with that said,

here are the best belay glasses:


1. Y&Y Classic Belay Glasses

yy belay classicEasy to use and is in the top performer category, the Y&Y Classic Belay glasses is the least bulky glasses and the vision is not too narrow. It has good view balance of upward through the prisms and one in front. Its metal frames could be adjusted and could be customized fit. Its nosepiece is made of flexible plastic which makes it comfortable to wear. This belay glasses comes with a versatile carrying case and its case is compact, light, easy to open and close with its zipper and has a carabiner for clipping to a harness.

2. Y&Y Plasfun Basic Belay Glasses

With the same functionalities of all Y&Y belay products, the Plasfun share the same frame and construction but is sold much cheaper. The only differences of other products are the case and extra accessories but other than that, you can be assured that it is created in good shape and has a plastic frame that is much lighter than the Belaggies. Its design is larger than the classic but its visibility is the same as classic’s.

Disadvantages are though the plastic is usually comfortable, it does not have adjustment options which may not sit well or fit well with others. Another downside is that the case is not as durable as the case with Classic but other than that, this belay glasses is a good deal.

3. Y&Y Plasfun Belay Glasses

This model is made of plastic and has the same feel and weight as the other models. The Plasfun Belay Glasses comes in different colors. It also has the same case and accessories as with Classic’s. It also includes a small microfiber cloth, hinge screws replacement, neck retainer and a small screw driver.

This model is cheaper than Classic and is of great value. You would not go wrong with Plasfun Belay Glasses.

4. Belay Specs

This sleek look belay glasses are created with stainless steel. The Belay Specs is adjustable which you modify the nosepiece and arms to accommodate your face. This model is said to be comfortable and noticeable on the face. It has thin metals which makes it easy to switch visionfields. Also, this product comes with thin hard plastic case. As for the price, it is much cheaper than the CU belay glasses.

5. Belaggles Belay Glasses

This model is very functional but it is said to be the most uncomfortable. Though it is made of plastic it is heavier than other models listed in this article. However, the Belaggles is very durable and comes with basic zippered case. As for the price, this model is the most expensive in our list.

Choosing the Best Belay Glasses

The following are the things you need to consider before purchasing your belay glasses:

  1. Fit– we all know this is the most important factor. Once you get the right fit, the function ability and comfort comes in naturally.
  2. Price– There is a huge price range when it comes to belay glasses The budget and its worth depends on how much you are willing to spend and your need.
  3. Case and Portability– When you climb it is important that your belay glasses is portable, has a durable case and of course it is much preferred for your glasses to have a clip for it to be easier to carry.
  4. Functionality– Another important factor is its functionality. Is it easy to switch fields of vision? Does it take off the strain off your neck?
  5. Comfort– Again, this is another important factor, if you are not comfortable wearing your belay glasses, it would be hard for you to use it and have the benefits it.

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