Best 32GB RAM Laptops

Laptops are one of the necessity tools that almost everyone must have. It could be used for work, projects and school. This means, you will have to choose wisely. You will have to ensure that your chosen laptop is sufficient, efficient and powerful. It also must have a long battery life and has the ability to handle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously. If you are looking for all these in your laptop, then, we highly suggest that you get 32GB RAM laptop. We understand that there are a lot of 32GB RAM laptops in the market and it could get confusing to choose one that would perfectly fit your needs and preferences.

When you have a 32GB RAM, you will be able to use your laptop for much higher and complicated tasks. In fact, this type of laptop is perfect for graphic designers, videographers, 3D modelers, data scientists, professional gamers and many more. It is very fast and very powerful.

In this article, we shall provide you a list of the best 32GB RAM Laptops which you could choose from.

Best 32GB RAM Laptops

Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro

This laptop is the closest you could get in getting 17″ MacBook Pro which is very popular and most loved MacBook. Do not get fooled by the looks as not only this MacBook Pro look similar to 17″ MacBook Pro, it is also very powerful. Its performance and features are very impressive.

The MacBook Pro 16-inch comes with an improved keyboard which has overcome the issues of older MacBook Pros. It has touch ID as well and it is perfect for editing 4K videos for YouTube. Its battery life has been improved to 100 watt per hour type of battery. It is also allowed to be brought on flights. Its screen however, is very delicate. Hence, we highly recommend that you get an insurance for this laptop. Moreover, it would not hurt to get a laptop cooler as well as this laptop could get warm whenever you edit for a long period of time but other than that, this laptop is highly recommended.


This laptop we could say is handsome. It is perfect to be used for business as well with it offering MS office products. It could also be used for gaming as well. It comes with touchpad. Though this laptop could get warm due to its high performance, all you could do is to get a tilted stand and you are good to go. This laptop is great for fast twitch gamers due to its 15.6-inch and 240Hz display.

Lenovo ThinkPad P52s

This laptop is another great option. It comes with extra video processor and Hex processor. It also has fingerprint ID feature and it boots in less than 30 seconds. This laptop is perfect for running large access database interaction. Moreover, what is amazing about this laptop is that it s light and it is not large either. This means, it is perfect for traveling. Moreover, it has decent CPU pep, Nvidia Quadro graphics. However, the only downside of this laptop is its basic power pack.

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo

This laptop is another powerful laptop option. Its battery could last up to five hours and it could handle up to 20 chrome tabs, five word documents and five Adobe tabs without having to worry about lagging. In fact, you would not even hear its fan having a hard time.

This laptop is handsome with its matte finish and its screen is dimmer compared to the 4K OLED. Its main screen is larger which is perfect for videos. It is also ideal for editing especially with its editing tools.

Its processor is very powerful which enables it to run major software. Its computer keys and touchpad are highly impressive. It also comes with Nvidia graphics card, 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD.

MSI P65 Creator

This laptop is another amazing option. It comes with 4K screen and it could boot up within 10 seconds. Its quality is amazing and its battery life could last up to six to seven hours. It is perfect for 3D animation and rendering. Its fans keep this laptop cool and it is quiet as well. It has next-get RTX graphics card and it is very thin as well.

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