Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Getting up in the morning can be a challenge and sometimes we try to get 5 more minutes of sleep, that can turn into hours. Suddenly, we are late for work or school, or we may even miss flights and important events, just because we overslept. To ensure that we wake up on time, a good alarm clock is the most practical solution. However, you don’t need an old alarm clock that makes the same repetitive noise. With the help of some convenient apps, you can turn your Android device into an effective and reliable alarm clocks that will get you out of bed so that you can start your day without rushing.

Shake-it Alarm

Simple and effective, Shake-it Alarm is an easy to use alarm clock that will also help you to wake up. In order to turn off the alarm, you need to keep shaking the phone. A couple of shakes won’t be enough, you will need to shake the device for at least 7 seconds until the bar in the app fills up and the alarm is disabled. If you need to move to ensure that you are fully awake, this app is an ideal choice. You can also choose pre-set users to send messages to. This works as backup because in case you don’t wake up, a message will be sent to someone in your family or a friend so that they call you and wake you up.

Sleep as Android

This app is not only designed to ensure that you get out of bed, but it offers the added benefit of monitoring your sleep to wake you gently, so that you can start the day in a relaxed way. It works in a smart way so you will be woken up at the right time during your sleeping cycle. You just need to set the alarm on the app and enable the sleep mode. Then place the phone on your mattress so that Sleep as Android can keep track of your sleep patterns with its accelerometer. It traces a graph of your deep and light sleep patterns. When you are in the light sleep, the alarm will sound and will wake you up with a scooting tune. In addition, it can detect if you snore while you sleep and it it sends anti-snoring signals.

Alarmy (Sleep if U Can)

Alarmy by Delight Room is set to make it impossible for you to continue sleeping, because the only way to snooze it is by getting out of bed. You need to take a photo of an object or place in your house that is away from your reach, such as the kitchen, the balcony, or anything else that is nowhere close to your bed. Once you take the photo, the image is saved to the app and you can set the alarm on. When the alarm goes off, you will need to go to the place or object that you took the original photo of, and take a new one. This will turn off the alarm and will ensure that you are well awake.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Getting out of bed can be a struggle and during the first few seconds it may be difficult to resist the temptation to fall asleep again. To wake you up in a different way and help your brain to get started, you can try Puzzle Alarm Clock. This app by Wro Claw Studio uses an innovative method to wake you up. Every day, you will get a random puzzle and the alarm will ensure that you are fully awake before it stops making noise. There is a variety of puzzle categories available including Math, memory puzzle and more, with different difficulty levels. Puzzle Alarm Clock also gives you details about the best time to go to bed, depending on the alarm clock that you set.

Morning Routine – Alarm Clock

This app created by Agens As works in a similar way as Alarmy as it will ensure that you get out of bed. The difference is that with Morning Routine, you won’t need to take a photo but instead, the app requires you to scan the bar code of the items that you use every morning. For instance, you can scan the bar code of the toothpaste, or of the packages of the food that you eat for breakfast. You can also set up a routine that will prompt you to scan the bar code of different products that you use when you start your day. Once you complete all the steps the alarm will be turned off. Morning Routine stands out for its appealing interface and it offers amazing graphics.

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