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Feedly is one of the most popular RSS feed aggregators available and it is a very practical solution to keep tabs of your favorite websites, news portals and blogs. Feedly gives you easy access to the latest content and updates from all the sources that you visit on a daily basis. Features like feed suggestions and the possibility of sharing articles on social media make Feedly a great solution. However, Feedly also has its downsides and some people want to find an alternative that offers extended functionality. Here are the RSS feed aggregators that you can use instead of Feedly.

AOL Reader

AOL Reader is a free solution that stands out for the flexibility that it offers. It supports a good list of customization features that will help you to enjoy an experience that suits your specific preferences. Its simple, user-friendly interface lets you go through the latest feed stories without hassle and you can easily add feed sources. With only a few steps, you will be able to build your feed and the Discover option located in the left sidebar lets you find many recommended reading sources on a variety of subjects that you can add to your feed. There are different reading modes supported including card and list and the solid search functionality will let you go through feeds, starred articles and more simultaneously. It is possible to add tags to feed articles to manage them in a more efficient way. They can also be shared on Facebook and other websites.


Inoreader is packed with amazing features and it offers powerful performance. To get started, you just need to select your favorite topics so that you can get an automatic feed specially created for you. You can also use the subscriptions menu located in the left side-bar to add/manage your preferred websites and additional feed sources. With full support for tags and folders, Inoreader is a solution that will help you to organize your feeds without hassle. It allows you to star and share articles on Facebook and other social media networks. With Inoreader it is also possible to create custom filtering rules for specific articles and you just need to configure parameters such as subscription source, title text and more. There is a free account available, but it comes with ads, doesn’t support advanced features and it places limits on the amount of rules and filtered feeds. To enjoy the full functionality of Inoreader, you can upgrade to a premium plan.


This is an impressive solution to manage your feeds as it covers a wide selection of topics to help you to create an experience tailored to your needs. NewsBlur allows you to add your own websites and it supports different reading modes so that you can view and read the feed stories as you prefer. You can save your favorite stories and read them at a later stage. They can also be shared on Twitter, Tumblr and other sites. NewsBlur also allows you to customize the feed layout and thanks to the practical keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to navigate through your feed seamlessly. One of the best things about NewsBlur is the Intelligence Trainer feature. This lets you train the feed aggregator to filter your feed automatically with stories that are relevant to your interests. You also get your own webpage known as Blurblog, where you can share your favorite content with other people. There is a free account that places a cap on the number of sites supported, but you can get a premium account to remove the restrictions and get access to more features.


If you want a lightweight solution with a simple interface, G2Reader may be just what you are looking for. It uses a dual column interface that lets you read the latest updates from your subscribed feeds. In the left column, you can find sub-sections such as unread and starred items and the column in the right will show you feed stories. Adding subscribed feeds is very easy and all you need to do is to hit the Add a new subscription button that appears on the top left. You can see the latest stories in individual boxes and each of them has a button that allows you to share them quickly via email, or on Twitter, Google + and more. The trending section lets you see the content that is currently popular online. G2Reader also supports cross-device syncing. There is a free version with ads and limited amount of items, but you can get rid of the restrictions by upgrading to the paid account.

Digg Deeper

Digg Deeper is limited in terms of features when compared to the likes of Inoreader, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be considered. If you prefer simplicity, you will enjoy the straightforward interface and the easy way in which you can add custom feed sources and navigate through the sub-sections available. The interface has two columns on which the content is organized. In the left column, you can find saved articles and popular stories, while the right column is where you can read and manage the feed stories. The two reading modes supported are list and detail and you can use the shortcut icons on the top right side of each article. The content can be saved for later or shared on social media websites. One of the highlights of Digg is its Digg Deeper feature, which can be linked to your Twitter timeline and allows you to see what is trending on Twitter, within your Digg feed. You can get this feed aggregator for free.

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