Best Alternatives to Google Voice

Google Voice is a very practical service to talk to family and friends and to manage your business communications in a simple way. You get a free number (from a list of options available in selected area codes) that can be used for calls, texts and to check voicemails, all from the same location. The service supports multiple platforms including Android and iOS, giving you flexibility to stay in touch with others, even when you are on the go. Google Voice enables free calls with an internet connection and it offers a variety of options that allow you to personalize your communications. You can make international calls, arrange conference calls, send texts from the web interface, block unwanted calls and much more. While there is no doubt that Google Voice offers great functionality, there are other similar options that are worth checking, including many options that are aimed at business users. Here is a list of great alternatives to Google Voice.


CallingVault allows you to protect your privacy by providing a second phone number that is associated to your current smartphone. In some cases, you may prefer not to give out your real phone number. Instead, you can use CallingVault as a second phone number and let its impressive security features protect you from unwanted calls and texts. It is an effective way to keep your personal mobile phone number private.


MagicJack offers a service that helps you to stay in touch with your friends and family, no matter where you are. The magicApp is free and it is available for Android and iOS users. The service uses VoIP technology and you can make local and international calls using WiFi or your device’s 4G connection. It enables you to make and receive calls using your computer or your phone.


Talkray offers free calls, texts, voice messages, audio and video messages and more, for free. It allows you to share media files with friends and family while you chat with them and you can enjoy free group and international calls with clear audio and reliable connection. The service also offers instant messaging and chat rooms, giving you many options to stay in touch.


FreedomPop offers a great selection of communication and internet solutions that will keep you connected with friends, family work colleagues and anyone else. Their services are very flexible so you can find an option that suits your specific needs, without paying for high cost plans. You can enjoy calls and texts from anywhere using your internet connection. You can get a FreedomPop number and make and receive calls to other users of the service for free, or enjoy low rates for international calls.


Even if you are always on the go, you can still be available and manage your business effectively thanks to Grasshopper. This virtual phone system allows you to get practical business solutions such as a toll free or local number for customers and multiple extensions to organize contacts better within your team. Your calls can be forwarded to your mobile phone and your voicemail transcribed and sent to you by email.


Voiceably is also a great solution for people who need to run their business while they are on the go and using only their mobile device. It supports a great range of services that will allow you to manage your communications with customers and colleagues seamlessly. You can get an unlimited number of extensions so that everyone on your team has their own one. It is a convenient and professional solution that you can try for free.


Ooma is another good option for anyone who wants to enjoy simple and efficient phone communications from anywhere. This internet phone service provides high quality and fast technology for businesses and home users. Their VoIP services are designed to provide clear calls and efficient speeds. Ooma also aims to make your conversations more secure with the use of encryption.


Businesses around the world have benefited from new technologies and are getting the most out of VoIP and other practical solutions. With RingCentral, you can take your company’s communications to the next level, ensuring that your teams are connected via voice conversations, video, texts and more. RingCentral offers a flexible platform that offers all the main features that a business requires and that can be adapted to meet specific demands. is also focused on offering business users all the necessary functionality to manage their communications from anywhere. It offers tool free and local numbers and everything that is needed to set up an efficient virtual business phone system. The service is based on the cloud and it offers plans that adjust to different needs.


If you run a small business or are juts getting started, Zaplee is an ideal solution that will make things simple, while helping you to get to the next stage. With Zaplee, you can easily set up your own PBX phone system for a low cost. Zaplee is very versatile and it works with a variety of VoIP services including Skype. One of the best things about Zaplee is its excellent customer support.


Telzio provides professional, cloud-based phone systems for companies around the world. It offers simple web configuration and mobile integration. There are services available for an affordable price, making it a good solution for small businesses that want to handle their communications more efficiently. The features supported include calling texting, VoIP support, conference calls and call forwarding. The service is reliable and easy to use.


eVoice offers an easier way to stay in touch and it is an ideal solution for businesses due to its affordability and convenience. For less than 50 cents per day, you can add business phone numbers to any phone. It can handle your business calls effectively, answering and routing them accordingly. The features supported by eVoice include toll free, local numbers, greetings and voicemail transcriptions.


With Line2, you can easily get a second phone line for your home or a comprehensive phone system for your business, using your computer and mobile devices. This cloud phone service allows you to enjoy calls and texts for affordable prices. There are different plans available to suit personal and business requirements.

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