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With Echo, Amazon made its entrance to the world of digital assistance and Artificial Intelligence. Originally launched in 2014, Amazon Echo is a device that connects to Alexa, a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service. The cylinder-shaped device features speakers, microphone and LED lights. Once it is connected to the internet and configured, it will be able to help you with a variety of tasks. It can be used to play music, create to-do lists, set alarms, listen to audiobooks, get traffic updates and much more. In addition, Amazon Echo can control a wide range of devices by acting as a home automation hub. You just need to say “Alexa” (or you can change the word to Amazon or Echo) and let the device know what you want it to do. With the help of additional accessories, you can expand the functionality of Amazon Echo and in this list, you will find the best options that you can get.

Amazon Echo User Guide by Simon Bedford

The Amazon Echo can make your life easier and it supports a great selection of features. However, as a new user, managing all the functions can cause confusion. In order to enjoy your experience with the Amazon Echo from the start and take full advantage of all the options that it supports, the user guide written by Simon Bedford should be considered. It is organized in different sections that cover a variety of subjects including set up, the Echo app, Alexia and Remote Access. The guide also offers step-by-step tutorials that will help you to complete a variety of tasks.

Wink Connected Home Hub

The Wink Hub is a powerful solution that allows you to take advantage of the voice command capabilities of the Amazon Echo, so that you can control home appliances and the lights in a room. The Wink Hub offers support for multiple devices using Bluetooth, Zigbee, Lutron ClearConnect, Wi-Fi and more. Once the Wink Connected Home Hub is configured, you will be able to control these devices. You just need to say a few words to use it in combination with the Amazon Echo. It has an app for iOS and Android.

GE Link Wireless Smart LED Bulb

With this practical accessory, you will be able to to turn on the lights in a room with your Amazon Echo, using voice command. The GE Link Wireless Smart is a compatible LED bulb with an output of 800 lumens that offers the equivalent to 60W. It can be used on its own, without relying on Amazon Echo. It offers smart schedules, universal control and other features that allow you to control it. When used with Amazon Echo, this LED bulb can be controlled using your voice. It is an energy efficient solution, but keep in mind that it requires Wink hub to work.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

With this hub, you can control all your Samsung SmartThings devices from a single place. You can use the hub to connect to all the appliances and them control them through Amazon Echo or using your smartphone. You can use the power outlet included to control multiple devices including fans, kettles and lights. The Samsung SmartThings Hub is versatile and apart from working with Amazon Echo, it supports a wide selection of devices from different manufacturers.

WeMo Wi-Fi Enabled Switch

With this switch, you will have the chance to control multiple electronic devices including fans and coffee makers. Installing the WeMo Wi-Fi Enabled Switch is simple and it offers scheduling functionality, as well as the option to set up notifications. When you connect the Switch to Amazon Echo, you get the possibility of managing devices using voice commands.

Phillips Hue White Starter A19 Kit

The Phillips Hue White Starter A19 supports voice-controlled toggles and the kit includes a hub and LED bulbs. The kit offers great value for money and it gives you greater control over alarms, timers and dimmers. It also works with Apple Homekit and other smart home solutions. It has a practical, discreet design and it is another good option to get more out of your Amazon Echo.

MyGift Milky Way Design Decal Skin Sticker

If you want to give your Amazon Echo a stunning appearance, the Milky Way Design Decal Skin Sticker by MyGift is another accessory that should be considered. It will add a special touch to the Amazon Echo and to the remote control. The sticker fits the device seamlessly and it can be removed easily, without leaving any trace. Its high-gloss coating will not only make the Amazon Echo more stylish, it will also protect it.

Fintie Protective Case for Amazon Echo

In order to ensure that your Amazon Echo lasts for longer, using a protective case is important. Fintie provides the right option to keep your device safe and it perfectly fits its cylinder shape. The protective case is sleek and it is available in a variety of colors including red, black, green and blue, as well as unique designs and patterns. You can select the texture that you prefer so you can truly find an option that suits your style. The case combines nylon fabrics that offer great durability, along with premium PU leather. The design doesn’t interfere with the sound of your Amazon Echo and in fact, it can ensure optimal quality. Thanks to the removable strap, you can easily carry it with you.

Co2CREA EVA Travel Case for Amazon Echo

You can bring your Amazon Echo when you are on the go and keep it protected from damage, thanks to this convenient travel case. The Co2CREA EVA is designed to be the perfect match for the Amazon Echo and it is a semi-hard case that will help to keep your device secure. The travel case comes with a section that can be used to keep your Amazon Echo power adapter. If you want to enjoy the functionality of your Amazon Echo, no matter where you are, this practical case is an ideal travel partner.

MDW Carry & Hang Bag for Amazon Echo

This practical carry and hang bag is specifically designed for the Amazon Echo and it provides a solid level of protection for the device. It uses a resistant layer of neoprene fabric that keeps the Amazon Echo safe, without affecting the quality of the sound. It also comes with a special section to store the power adapter. It is conveniently priced.

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