Best Android Apps to Transfer Files with WiFi Direct

Internet makes sharing files between Android devices easier and faster. Although Bluetooth is a practical solution to share data between devices, if you need to transfer large files you’ll need to be prepared to wait a long time, sometimes even hours. This is why WiFi Direct is an option worth considering as it enables a faster transfer of photos, music and other files.Although WiFi Direct is not as popular as Bluetooth since the majority of the apps require coding to manage the file transfer process, there are some options that can be considered and that allow you to transfer large files in a matter of minutes. Here we will go through a list of the best apps that rely on WiFi Direct to transfer data.


SuperBeam by LiveQoS supports incredibly fast file transfer via WiFi Direct. It is easy to use and allows you to share large files in just a matter of seconds. You can pair files using NFC, QR codes with the built-in QR code scanner, and the Pro version supports manual sharing key. It is possible to share data with devices that don’t have SuperBeam using the web interface. The app allows you to share one or multiple files and it supports any type of file. You can save details of all the transfers completed. The Pro version allows you to change the default folder to save the received files, it lets you use manual sharing keys and it doesn’t feature ads.

WiFi Shoot

WiFi Shoot uses WiFi Direct to allow you to transfer large files between Android devices in only a few minutes. With this free app created by Nothing Inc, you can transfer photos, videos and other files wirelessly and with great speed. It can be faster than Bluetooth, particularly when it comes to large data. If your gallery app allows it, you can share multiple photos simultaneously. The app works with many Android devices including Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, HTC One S and Sony Zperia Z.

HitcherChat – WiFi Direct Share

HitcherChat is designed to allow the transfer of photos, videos and other files in a fast and convenient way, using WiFi Direct. You can easily share your data with the help of the user-friendly interface, even if you are not connected to the internet. It gives you the possibility of sharing large sized files without using your data plan and since you don’t need to connect to the internet, you won’t need to worry about your data being intercepted or accessed by eavesdroppers that lurk online. It is possible to share multiple files at the same time with incredible speed and you can also connect multiple devices at the same time. The app is designed by Kharybds technology and it is available for free.


This app by MUCResearch@IIITD is another convenient option to transfer data between Android devices in a faster way, with the help of WiFi Direct. If you have older versions of Android, WiFiShare is the app that will help you to transfer files within minutes. It also supports the transfer of large files to multiple devices simultaneously. WiFiShare relies on wireless hotspot technology, without requiring intermediary solutions. Your files are transferred in just a few steps in a fast way. There are two options available so you can choose the one that suits your device. The standard WiFiShare works on all devices above Android 2.3, while the WiFiShare Client is suitable for devices from Android 1.6.

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