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Best Android docking stations with speakers

Docking stations will bring versatility and many practical apps to your Android device and in this article, you will find the best options available. The docking stations featured on this list come with subwoofers and will allow you to enjoy impressive audio quality. Other practical functions such as alarm clock and the possibility of controlling your Android device using the docking station, are also included in some cases.

Philips Fidelio Bluetooth Docking Speaker

While the AS111/37 Fidelio Bluetooth Docking Speaker has been discontinued, it is still possible to find some devices for sale on the internet. You can find this stylish docking speaker on Amazon and other online stores for less than $150. The Fidelio Bluetooth docking speaker is an option worth considering due to its convenient design, clear and high quality sound and its advanced technology that can block mobile phone interference. It comes with Neodymium speakers and its fantastic omni-directional sound will help you to fully enjoy your favorite music.

Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock Speaker Dock with SmartSilence

You don’t need to spend a high amount of money to enjoy good sound and convenience from a docking station. The Hale Alarm Clock Speaker Dock is a clear example of that because in spite of its low price, it provides great functionality and performance. It is simple, yet very effective when it comes to helping you to get better sound from your Android device. The Hale Dreamer supports a fantastic set of features including alarm clock, speakerphone, sleep machine and smart manager notification. It works as a charging dock and provides stereo sound. You can use it to control your Android device and thanks to the SmartSilence function, you will be able to block unwanted calls.

Belkin Powerhouse Micro USB Charge and Sync Dock

Belkin offers a practical and stylish Micro USB charge and Syn Dock that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S4 Mini and LG G2. It offers a compact, great looking design and you can bring it with you anywhere you go. The dock can be connected to your computer using the USB cable and it comes with a convenient 3-feet extension cable that gives you additional length. You can use the dock to watch videos comfortably, while your Android smartphone charges. This dock from Belkin is a simple option that gets the job done. You can find it online for less than $60.

LuguLake Aluminium Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Stand Dock

If you are looking for a portable solution that adjusts to a budget, this could be the right choice. Without sacrificing convenience and quality of sound, the Lugulake portable Bluetooth speaker with stand sock, is an affordable device that works with a variety of Android devices. It has an elegant and practical design that is ideal for playing music or watching videos comfortably and with great audio quality. It features advanced bass enhance technology and it has solid built that makes it ideal for travelling and use on the go. It usually costs around $90, but you can find it online for much less.

Satechi Portable V1 Rechargeable Speaker Stand

The Satechi is another great option to charge your mobile device and to enjoy high quality sound on the go. It comes with integrated speakers on both sides, and its rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can give you up to 7 hours of power. Thanks to its comfortable, lightweight design, you can bring it with you when you are on the go. It offers great compatibility and can be used with a variety of devices. The Portable V1 Rechargeable Speaker Stand lets you play music anywhere and it features a high-fidelity stereo speaker system. It generally costs about $60 but you can get it for around $25.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Dock Multimedia Hub

If you have a Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S 4 or a Galaxy S 4 Active or Mega, this smart dock multimedia hub is a good choice. It allows you to stream stereo sound to your speakers and you can also enjoy media on HD TVs or large monitors. You can use your phone as normal while it is charging and the flip cover allows you to watch videos, or play games without hassle. It also offers Stream stereo sound, micro USB charging port, smart dock and HDMI out port. Although it has been discontinued, you can still find some unites online for less than $70.

Phillips AS140/37 Fidelio Bluetooth Speaker with Micro-USB Dock

With the Phillips AS140/37 Fidelio, you can enjoy powerful, deep bass thanks to the Bass Reflex Speak System. It delivers amazing sound and supports a great selection of features that will allow you to enjoy a fantastic Bluetooth wireless music streaming experience. You get functions like FM digital tuning with presets, alarm clock, MP3 Link for portable music playback and more. This Bluetooth speaker and Micro-USB dock has a simple, yet elegant design that will look great anywhere in your home. Currently, you can get it online for less than $60.

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