Best Android Launchers for Seniors

Technology is not only for the new generations. Many seniors are taking advantage of the convenience that Android devices offer. However, the learning process can take a while as some people find that getting used to the Android interface can be challenging. In order to make things easier, it is a good idea to get a new Android launcher. With a good launcher, it is possible to enjoy a different look and feel on any Android tablet or smartphone, thanks to the variety of icons and themes supported. You can also add new functional or remove options that are not really needed. Customizing the Android experience to suit the elderly can help to keep things simple and practical. Options that are ideal for seniors such as a large home screen, big buttons and setting up the most important apps can help you to get more used to the Android technology. Here we will go through the best launchers for senior users.

Big Launcher

In general, senior users prefer to have only the essential functions that a phone can offer and Big Launcher is designed to offer simplicity and convenience. The default home screen features large icons that allow you to access messaging, calls, contacts and also emergency buttons, without any hassle. The interface, the dialer and the messages are easy to read and clear. There is a free version of Big Launcher that comes with some limitations on the amount of messages that can be sent and the customization options available. You can upgrade to the Premium version if you prefer to have additional options.

Wise Launcher

This launcher has a beautiful design that is perfect for seniors and it brings a new design and interface to your Android device. You can facilitate access to what you really need as the launcher allows you to keep only a few key options available on the home screen: Contacts, Dialer, Mesaging, Applications, Camera and Gallery. Important contacts and apps can be set as Favorites, which allows you to access them faster as all you need is a single swipe. Wiser Launcher stands out thanks to a feature that arranges all the notifications in a way that makes them very easy to read. When a new notification appears, you will clearly see it as a big arrow will show it to you.

Large Launcher

If you are looking to make your smartphone easier to use, or want to help your parents o grandparents to enjoy their device without complications, Large Launcher is also an option that deserves to be considered. It allows you to access all the functionality of your smartphone in one screen. It offers simple and easy to use default options and it features large fonts and buttons, SOS app to send current locations to contacts, simplified notifications and more. The hoem screen is color-coded for easy organization.

Phonotto Senior Phone Launcher

This is a very simple solution that is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a hassle-free Android experience. Its minimalist interface and large buttons and text, make it another great launcher for seniors. With the Phonotto Senior Phone Launcher you can make calls and send texts, as well as manage your photos and videos easily thanks to the simplified interface. The screen only displays crucial options such as Calls, Messages, Applications and Photos. There is also a convenient lock screen. Phonotto Senior Phone Launcher supports multiple languages including French, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Spanish, Chinese and Turkish.

Necta Launcher

Necta is another convenient launcher that focuses on offering simple performance and just the right amount of features. It has been optimized for seniors thanks to its large home screen, large buttons and fonts. With Necta Launcher, you will be able to use your phone easily as it offers its own SMS app, Gallery, Camera app and a practical flashlight. There are three themes available: Green, Red and Blue. It is also possible to send your current location to favorite contacts with the SOS and Position apps on the home screen. Necta covers every aspect to be considered as the perfect solution for you, or your older relatives.

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  1. Another honourable mention for the list is ONY Phone by SilverActivities. It comes with a lot of features, is easy to navigate, and has a clean & beautiful interface!

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