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There are many platforms that allows us to share photos online, but once you post an image that you have captured, it can be difficult to keep ownership of it. Thankfully, you can watermark your photos to protect them from unauthorized use. Watermarking adds a professional touch to your images and ensures that everyone knows that you are the author. There are many watermarking solutions for desktop, but since many of our photos are taken using a smartphone or tablet, it is worth to get a mobile app. Here you will find a list of watermark apps for Android that offer great quality and convenience.

Iwatermark Free

Iwatermark gives you the possibility of adding a watermark to multiple images at the same time. You can use images from your gallery, or take photos with your camera and then upload them to the app. It lets you protect your pictures or artwork using a QR watermark or a visible text/graphic. With Iwatermark by Plum Amazing, you can make sure that your photo carries your personal sign, no matter where it is displayed. You can also use the app to add funny graphics of a caption to any image. The free version offers great functionality, although it adds a small watermark that says “created with Iwatermark”.

Instawatermark Free

Instawatermark by Kasumbi offers a fast and effective way of protecting your photos, making sure that everyone is aware that they belong to you. You can select from a variety of high quality watermark patterns to protect your artwork and photos from theft. The patterns are well-designed and don’t modify the appearance of the image. With Instawatermark, you can create QR code, include personalized text and logo images for the watermark patterns. The watermarks can be adjusted and you can easily share the image on Twitter, Facebook, or via email.


This app created by Riley Cillian is not only focused on watermarking as it also offers other photo editing options that will make your images truly special.You can add details like location, mood, theme, timestamp, captions, weather and more. It is also possible to decorate the photos with stickers and make other adjustments before you share them. There are over 100 themes, more than 400 stickers and 10 gorgeous filters. With InstaMark, you can add a wide of variety of information to your watermark. It allows you to personalize images adding your location, weather, hashtag, user ID and more.

Add Watermark Free

This app created by AndroidVilla is another good watermarking solution available in the Play Store. It supports single-photo mode and batch photo work mode for multiple images. If you select the single mode, you will be able to upload an image from the gallery or capture a new one, using your camera. The text mode comes with a variety of colors, fonts and effects to personalize the watermark. For added convenience, you can easily reuse recent watermark texts. You can add properties such as timestamps, GPS tags and other data as text watermark.

eZy Watermark Photo

Developed by Whizpool, this app is ideal for anyone looking for a simple and fast option to protect their images from theft. You can add your name, logo, signature, trademark and more, to ensure that you can claim ownership over your image. As the name suggests, eZy Watermark gives you the possibility of watermarking your photos without hassle. It is fast and offers a user friendly interface that will allow you to add a personal touch to all your creations. You can reuse recent watermarks easily and the app offers an array of colors, fonts and more.

Watermark Editing Photo

Another app that can be considered is Watermark Editing Photo, a feature-rich option created by Beauty Art Studio. It offers more than basic watermarking as it lets you decorate your photos with amusing photo frames and you can also add stickers, text and information like time and date. The interface is easy to use and the app offers 30 unique templates. The special effects, filters and watermarking options will allow you to get ownership over your images. You can draw and write over your photos and share them on social media sites.


Salt app is an ideal option for businesses who need to expose their brand and protect their images from unauthorized use. It lets you add your company’s logo or watermark automatically. Apart from protecting your images, adding a watermark gives a professional appearance and allows you to gain recognition for your brand. You can add your contact details to get new customers and protect your images at the same time. SALT is available for free, but you can get additional features through in-app purchases.

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