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One of the best things about Android is that it offers many customization features including widgets, launchers and icon packs. Widgets are very practical and they make your Android experience more efficient. There are options available in multiple categories. With an Android widget, you can enjoy fast access to useful applications. Here are some of the widgets that you should consider for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Circle Launcher

This widget is not really a launcher as the name indicates, although the functionality that comes with it, ensures that you won’t need a launcher. You can launch an app, call someone or go to your bookmark without hassle. In addition, there are many options that allow you to customize widget label, animations, background dimming, icon size, background color, text size & color and others. You can save your configurations and restore on a different device, meaning that you won’t need to set up everything again.


Apart from looking great, 1Weather is a practical solution to find out more about weather conditions in your area. It features a clock and a Google search bar as well. It is possible to allow the app to use your location, or you can add custom locations. The customization options include icon set, clock face and background selection. It is also possible to select the app that is launched when you tap the widget.

AppDialer Pro Widget

Sometimes, finding an app on your Android device can be challenging, particularly if that app is not on your homescreen. However, you don’t need to worry about that anymore since AppDialer Pro Widget is a practical solution that allows you to look for an app using a smart alphanumeric or predictive Qwerty keyboard. The widget also lets you look for people, apps and multiple settings. You can get a Quick launch panel in the notification bar and additional customization options. There is a free version available, but if you want a better experience with the app, the best option would be to go for the Pro version.

Transparent Clock & Weather

Transparent Clock & Weather offers a great selection of widget designs so you have many options to find one that suits you. It is possible to customize the widget since there are many options to change widget skin, time font, weather icons and more. In addition, you can set-up weather, location, time & date, as well as app notifications. The weather app gives you information on humidity, precipitation, moon forecast and more.

Onca Clock Widget

If you are looking for a clock widget that offers a stylish, modern appearance, Onca Developement’s option may be the right choice. It brings together digital and analogue display and it features a comprehensive configuration menu that supports a wide range of settings. There is a Pro version that lets you select font sizes, individual colors and time zones.

Event Flow Calendar Widget

Event Flow Calendat widget by Synced Synapse combines Agenda widget and a calendar widget. Each of these widgets have their own selection of settings including fonts, text density, colors and themes, as well as fonts. It is possible to select what information you can see on the widget and which accounts’ calendar’s info is displayed. You can also see weather forecasts through the agenda widget.

Battery HD

This is another great battery widget and it enjoys a very high rating in the Google Play store. It features compact and horizontal widgets that let you see the battery, temperature, voltage, time since last charge and get time estimations for specific usage. You can configure notifications & charge level alerts, change colors and more. The free version comes with ads, but you can remove them by upgrading to the premium version.

Zooper Widget

With Zooper Widget you can create custom widgets and there are many options available to add custom widgets from the app. It is also possible to create your own templates, adding custom fonts, icon sets and more. There are exclusive features such as WYSIWYG editor with support for layers, that works in a similar way to Gimp and Photoshot. Zooper comes with widgets for battery, WiFi & network details, alerts, sunrise & sunset details. There is a free version that features ads, but the app is very limited in terms of widget configuration.

HD Widgets

Apart from offering great widgets, this app comes with many ad-ons and themes. There are different sizes available that bring data from sources that you can trust. This all-in-one solution includes a Glass Gems theme pack that comes with over 100 widgets. HD Widgets is only available in a premium version, but it only costs around $1 USD.

Battery Widget Reborn

This is a popular solution when it comes to battery widget apps and it is not difficult to understand why. Battery Widget Reborn by Tomas Hubalek offers a battery widget, as well as an additional battery chart widget that displays a graphical chart of the battery. In addition to the widgets, the app also features a battery statues panel on the notification bar. The app also offers power setting toggles, stats and power saving settings.

Sticky Note+

Sticky notes are a convenient way to stay on top of tasks, remembering special occasions and more. With this option by Axhunter, you can set reminder, share notes, create checklists and customize your notes with the color, text and font size that you want. There is also a selection of themes available and you can also backup your notes to the phone’s sd card or sync your notes to Google Drive.

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