Best applications to download in your phone

Smartphones are a necessity nowadays, and without a classic mobile phone, one cannot even wonder to understand his world’s current communicative dynamics. Your mobile phone can be your best friend if you want to, but only when you pick up the right software. 

The google and apple play stores that are generally thought to be the pool of all the good and bad of the digital world offer you a long list of applications, but a few are more than just simple applications.  

For example, for simple pictures, Snapchat and Instagram have made a very bright mark. These applications are great, but sometimes they are a bit disturbing because of the security issues. For instance, you can easily see other people’s Snapchat.  

 Another thing that plays a crucial part in helping you benefit from your android; is the way you use it. For example, if you are using Facebook on your android phone, and tend to share every gossip, you are doing more harm than good. On the other hand, if you change your mind and start using your social media platform to better society and make people aware, you are undoubtedly doing a service.

The fitness app 

There are multiple fitness applications available on the play store. Whenever you buy a new mobile phone, start by thinking about your health. You can download the Samsung fitness app for the android phone, and for the iPhone, you may install fitocracy. It will help you in recording the steps and running routines. 

The Snapchat

If you are a travel junkie or you live in a beautiful neighborhood. You must download Snapchat, for its beautiful and colorful filters can make your pictures even good. Moreover, you can also share those amazing pictures with your friends by directly putting them on stories.  

The CS scanner 

Your documents cannot be sent through courier every time, and giving a summary of your documents for some necessary work is not appropriate. So, the digital way of sending your documents without any hassle is sending them as a scanned document.

 If you are a working person or a student, it would be easy to click a picture of your documents and get a scanned copy within a few seconds. Now you are free to send it to anywhere.  

Google chrome 

For fast internet surfing on your mobile phone, I believe that google chrome is one of the best applications. You can simply connect all your google applications with google chrome, for example, if you have connected google drive o google assistant. Your life will be super easy.

Google maps 

Traveling was not more comfortable before, now with google map, you can visit any place. In most mobile phones sit is pre-installed, but if in case you do not find one, install it as soon as possible.

Microsoft swift key 

If you want to make your mobile last longer, then the Microsoft swift key app can be your new helper. It can help you type messages in multiple languages, not only this, but you also get to type with gestures. It is a third-party keyboard and very easy to use.  

Poweramp music player 

Better music can make your evening walk great, and with a power ramp music player, it gets even better. This application has all the features that can help you set the music volume according to your taste. The one thing that can be a bit annoying in this application is the user interface, as it is somehow confusing for a new user. Still, over time, it becomes your favorite music application.     

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