Best apps to block calls on Android

If you are tired of dealing with unwanted calls, the best option is to block the number on your Android phone and you can do this with the help of a third-party app. Once you have blocked a number, you will stop receiving calls and getting text messages from it. While the option to block phone numbers is available by default in some advanced Android smartphones, there are still some models that don’t support this feature. In addition, some third-party apps offer additional functionality that is not supported by the block option built- into some smartphones. This is why we offer a list of the best apps that will help you to stop unwanted calls and block unwanted texts.

Calls Blacklist

With Calls Blacklist by Vlad Lee, you can block calls and SMS texts from any number you don’t want to receive any contact from. Keep in mind that in order to block SMS, you need to make Calls Blacklist the default SMS app, which may be a bit of a hassle. However, if you are only interested in blocking calls, you don’t have to make Calls Blacklist the default texting app. You can simply use the call blocking feature. The app lets you block calls from contacts, messages log and call logs. You can also enter specific numbers or set up the app to block numbers starting with a particulate digit. The app also lets you export blacklists to a file so that you can load it to a different phone, in case you change your device.

Call Blocker Free

If you are looking for a free app that doesn’t feature ads and that allows you to block text messages and calls, try Call Blocker Free by Appsbuyout Dev. It allows you to set the numbers that you wish to block, selecting them from your contacts, message logs and call logs. It offers a different blocking method. You can silent the call, Airplane mode, hang up, answer hang up. It is possible to block unknown numbers, private numbers or specify the numbers that you wish to block. When calls are blocked, you can choose to get a notification. You can back up the data to your SD card.

Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

While it has the same name as the previous app, Call Blocker Free – Blacklist was developed by NQ Mobile Security and it stands out for being a lightweight solution that won’t have a major impact on the device’s battery. It is also very easy to use and allows you to create a blacklist or a whitelist to block calls. There are different options to block calls, including mute, hangup, and hang up and send message. You will be notified about the calls that have been blocked and you also get an overview of the numbers that have been blocked.

Mr. Number

This call blocker created by Hiya gives you 20 free caller look ups to start, but in order to get additional look ups, you will need to pay. Mr. Number is designed to automatically block spam messages without having to blacklist numbers. The app can scan your call logs to find the spam numbers and block them. It is also possible to mark the numbers as spam to help the community of users. In the same way, you can benefit from the updates from other Mr.Number users to block spam calls.

Master Call Blocker

Master Call Blocker doesn’t feature ads, even though it is a free app. It is a fairly basic solution when compared to other apps, but it works well and it is lightweight. You will be able to create lists to block specific numbers or set up a whitelist to block all callers and only allow certain numbers. The enable and disable button lets you activate or disable the app easily, whenever needed. It is also possible to schedule specific times to block certain callers.

Safest Call Blocker

You can get the free version of the app, which features ads, or upgrade to the premium one to remove the ads. Safest Call Blocker is designed to keep things easy and simple, meaning that you don’t have to mess around too much with the settings in order to block the calls. It is possible to get numbers from your call logs or contacts to add them to the block list. You can also block the last call to quickly prevent annoying calls from a number, without having to enter the number manually. All you have to do is to tap the button to add the number. It is also possible to get notifications of blocked calls within the app so that you can keep track of who called and when. You won’t hear your ringtone when the calls are blocked and you will be able to see who called by checking the apps history logs whenever you want to.

Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus is another easy to use solution to block unwanted calls and texts. Although it doesn’t offer a wide variety of options to block numbers, it gives you flexibility to manage the numbers that have been blocked. It is possible to set a specific time to make sure that the numbers are only blocked during these hours. You can mute the call, or hang up. The Pro version of the app also features password protection to keep your lists secure and private.

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