Best Apps to control and adjust your headset button in Android

It is easy to control music or manage call functions with the help of headset control buttons since you don’t need to touch the screen. This is particularly handy when you are working out or when you are on the go. While not all headsets feature three buttons to allow you to get more control, it is possible to modify headsets that only have one button in order to manage call functions, media or open apps. There are apps that give you the possibility of managing Android features just by using the press and hold options. Here are the best apps to control and adjust your headset button.

Headset Button Controller

Created by Christoph Kober, this app offers a simple solution to get more headset button customization options and it supports headsets with a single button, as well as those with three buttons. The app is lightweight and it doesn’t use a lot of system resources. It runs smoothly in the background without affecting the performance of your device. It is possible to define specific apps that will prompt Headset Button Controller to manage your media using the buttons on your headset. In addition, you can set up custom profiles or rely on the default settings to control apps, music, adjust call features, establish a limit on volume output and more. All is controlled just by pressing and holding combinations of the buttons. It is also possible to set the action that should be carried out when the headsets are plugged in or out. It is available for $2.99.

Headset Droid

TVK Development brings us another convenient solution to adjust the way in which the buttons on your headset are used. You can customize the options to control various functions and Headset Droid works in the background seamlessly and without requiring a lot of power. It is possible to configure click combinations to manage different music-related actions such as fast forward, skip, volume and more. The call features supported include placing a call, redialing, answering, rejecting calls and holding. It is possible to configure the behavior when the headset is plugged in and Headset Droid lets you get the settings to your SD card. You can get the app for $2.99.

Headset Control Center

This app by Degauss Apps Development allows you to control music apps such as Spotify and Deezer, using headset control clicks. You just need to insert the headset to manage volume and other aspects and enjoy music without complications. Headset Control center allows you to configure and personalize all button click actions to suit your preferences. Everything is managed from the main screen. It also supports button actions for phone calls so you can answer, reject calls, or redial the last number.

Ultimate HeadSet Controller

Ultimate HeadSet Controller is simple but it offers powerful and fast performance. It allows you to control all the necessary functions to enjoy music in a very convenient way. It allows you to control any Music Player and you can manage everything with just one button. The app can even tell you who is calling when your phone rings and you can adjust the equalizer/ bass boost. With just a few clicks you can control functions like Pause/Play, Switch between music players, Next, previous and more. It is easy to use and it works very well. The app was created by DaneZ and it is a convenient way to manage different sound functions. It uses clicks and long press to control music and it works with Android Jelly Bean and some custom ROMs. It also lets you enable and disable data and WiFi.

Smart Key

Smart Key by Sony is a solution that allows you to personalize your headset to manage it in an easier way. You can configure the key button while listening to music or taking a call. It is possible to choose between the Android default setting and your customized setting. It allows you to personalize multiple actions including volume adjustment, play/pause, next, previous track, answering/rejecting calls and more. If you have a Sony headset, Smart Key is the ideal app to manage music, calls and idle mode effectively.

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