Best Apps for First Graders

Children are growing up surrounded by technology, and there is a great variety of apps designed to entertain and to help them to learn new things. Some of the apps can help in writing or typing “write my paper” would be a great idea to get more details on the paper writing process. If you are wondering what are the best apps for children in first grade, you’ll find a great list of options here. We have included apps for Android and iOS that are not only educational, but that also add a lot of fun to the learning process. In the words of William Grabe, head of content writing for, “Learning applications for children on the smartphone can expand the horizons of children of all ages and consolidate the knowledge gained.” These apps will help children to learn to read, get started with simple Math operations and more. With the help of these apps, your kids will enjoy learning and discovering new things.

Since the iPad has become a valuable tool for education and entertainment, you will find great apps that offer an interactive learning experience through games and fun activities. It is common to see young children handling tablets like experts and the touch-screen functionality is engaging and very convenient for them. Kids can benefit greatly from apps designed specifically for them and the below selection is ideal for parents and teachers that want to help first graders to have fun while they learn.

Todo Math

Todo Math let’s kids embark on their own math adventure as they boost their skills and explore the colorful world that the app offers. The Todo Math Monster quizzes are designed to reinforce knowledge and parents and catheters can follow progress and set goals. The app also offers a wide variety of customization options to suit the learning experience to your child’s needs.



Inventioneers is a fantastic app that allows kids to put their creativity to work as they come up with their own inventions. Children can also develop problem solving skills and get more elements to build their own inventions. The apps features amusing characters and introduces kids to science and real-time physics.



Thanks to ScratchJr, children as young as 5 can learn programming skills in a fun an entertaining way. The app has unique and entertaining characters and it gives kids the necessary elements to learn code basics. There is a variety of interactive activities and projects that help kids to develop analytical skills and more.


My Naughty Shadow

This interactive book is designed for kids aged 2 to 5 and it features stunning animations and charming characters. Kids will learn to recognize words through an engaging story that allows them to participate as they complete different activities. Lily, the main character and her shadow, will take kids through a unique experience that will build their vocabulary and ignite their imagination.


Jazzy World Tour

Jazzy World Tour is the perfect way to get kids started with Geography and to allow them to discover other cultures. The app takes them on a journey with two kittens who visit different countries to explore their music and customs. Children can learn interesting facts about other countries and play musical instruments from around the world.


Bob Books reading Magic Sight Words

Bob Books are designed to help children to discover the magic of forming words and it features enchanting characters and stories that will capture young readers. Kids can organize letters to spell common sight words and even form full sentences to contribute to the story.


Quick Math Jr – School Edition

Quick Math Jr is designed for kids aged 3 to 7 and it adapts to children’s learning needs. The app tailors the games and activities to each individual player to ensure that they are always at a level that suits them. With Quick Math Jr, kids will develop math skills in a simple way through entertaining games and unique characters.


Up to 100

With Up to 100 by marbotic, kids can learn the numbers up to 100 while they have fun with 6 different activities available. The app suits children between 4 and 7 years old and it will also help older kids who are learning the numbers in a different language. The app teaches children to recognize numbers written out and their pronunciation through a series of games.


ABC Gurus

Young children can learn the alphabet and phonics while having fun, thanks to ABC Gurus by Colto. This app gives kids the chance to transform letters into unique characters, making the learning process more engaging. Children will be able to recognize and name letters and will also get ready to form words.


TeachMe – 1st Grade

TeachMe is a popular educational series and this version focuses on additions, sight words, spelling and other subjects that are suitable for first graders. The app’s unique technology is designed to help kids to improve their writing and to teach them spelling and math using an appealing interface.


First Grade Learning Games

First Grade Learning Games is an app that features 12 mini-games aligned with first grade curriculums. Kids will be able to practice what they learn in the classroom with the help of entertaining activities that reinforce math, spelling and reading skills.


BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week

Annie and Moby are the characters that will teach something new to children every week. Movie of the Week covers a variety of subjects including Math, Arts, Technology, Sciences, Writing and more. The app is suitable for kids from kindergarten to grade 3 and it is designed to let kids build independent thinking skills.


Wonder Bunny Math

This app is ideal for teaching first grade kids about math and it offers a wide selection of educational games that add a lot of fun to the learning process. Children can learn numbers and math operations as they help Wonder Bunny to recover his carrots.


Don’t let the Pigeon Run This App

Disney has created an app that allows kids to come up with their own stories. Children can interact with the characters and give their own ideas to create a story. Once it is ready, they can watch the story and create a new one. It is possible to create an unlimited number of stories, helping kids to unleash their imagination and develop storytelling skills.


Sock Puppets Complete

Sock Puppets is another entertaining option that lets kids use their creativity. They can use sock puppets to create their own shows, adding scenery, props and backgrounds. The puppets automatically lip-sync to your voice as soon as you hit the record button. The app includes cartoon and photo realistic puppets so there are different options to create your own puppet show.


Tic Tac Math Trilogy

With Tic Tac Math Trilogy, parents and teachers can help children to discover that math can be a lot of fun. The app is a valuable tool to get kids interested in math as it gives them the chance to play tic-tac-toe, a game loved by many. In order to win, players will have to solve math problems in each square. The app covers simple math operations as well as fractions.


Touch and Write Phonics

With this app by Fizzbrain, children can practice Vowels, Digraphs or Blends while they watch amusing animations that help them to learn information in these categories. They can practice writing words using vowels and the app offers a variety of writing “papers” and materials to keep kids engaged.


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