Best Apps for Learning German

Learning a language is a skill that is difficult to learn. It requires patience and a lot of practice. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier and one way is through making learning an engaging activity and experience through the usage of apps. With that said, we complied into a list our recommended best apps which you could use to learn German.

1. FluentU 

FluentU uses videos which helps the students learn German language easier. The videos include music, news items and other media platforms which immerses the students into learning the language better. Aside from that, this app also ensures its users/students have an understanding of the German culture which is a great plus when learning a language.

This app contains current topics that covers almost everything you could think of. It has TV shows, movies and even commercials. It also offers interactive transcripts and a list of vocabulary is also available. There are quizzes to test how much you have learned and lastly, the app ensures that it keeps track of the words, phrases and sentences that you have learned.


2. Memrise

This language app is offered for free. Though its manner of learning is through the traditional way of flashcard type of studying, this app is perfect for retaining vocabulary due to its repetition system. Memrise focuses on short term into long term memory. The goal of memrise is to match images to words that are unforgettable. The course in this app was created by the community and comes with a lot of German courses.


3. Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular German learning apps. It is also one of the pioneers in the industry, with it being launched back in 1992. Its teaching method focuses on immersive approach by using images, pictures, videos and sounds without providing any English translation. Through this app, you will also learn how native speaker pronounces words. Aside from that, Rosetta Stone app allows you to schedule lessons with live tutors and lets you practice everything you have learned by speaking with German native speakers.


4. Anki 

Anki literally means memorization and this app is all about it. It teaches German language through the form of flashcards. Anki, just like Memrise focuses on spaced repetition system. Aside from that, its content is user-generated. Its flashcards have the option to be enhanced through the use of images, html and sound files.

Signing up with Anki is for free for Android. However, for iOS, Anki is offered for only $24.99.


5. Busuu 

Busuu is one of the most widely used German language app. It has one of the largest community with about tens of millions. It also offers video chat feature where you could practice with someone else. Its interface is elegant and comes with high quality images that you would definitely appreciate. This app’s courses are based from CEFR framework which ensures it covers all areas of language such as writing, speaking, reading and listening. Aside from that, through this app, you will be able to learn how to correctly pronounce key vocabularies just like a native speaker, you will also have an option to practice writing which could be edited by other members and record phrases. Aside from that, you could also practice speaking with other members of the app and have a lesson review.


6. Babble 

This app offers a paid version that cost as low as $7.50 per month. It has a very simple interface and its features are very useful. It is easy to use and fast. The app ensures that it covers all parts of the language and allows its users to learn new vocabulary and phrases through the use of images, sound recordings and text. Aside from that, you could also test the things you have learned by writing what you have learned and each lesson offers a dialog that you would need to fill in the blanks.


7. iStart German 

iStart German is perfect for beginners. It offers slow comprehensive information about German language. The method of teaching of this app is through a chat which is taught by two German native speakers and moderator. Other methods are through texts, audio and visuals. Take note however that iStart is a bit passive teaching as the students will have to learn the lessons by listening to the tutors teaching the alphabet, greetings and many more. There is also a multiple choice quiz that will test your learnings and knowledge.


8. Learn German by MindSnacks

This app is designed for younger kids who wants and needs to learn German. It has cute graphics and cute animal pictures. Its mode of teaching is through different games. Each game that this app has has different themes such as food, family and school. It offers vocabulary through sound recordings and each game would test your learnings.


9. German Verb Conjugations by Brainscape 

This app knows that when one is learning language, the areas that most people struggle with are nouns, verbs and tenses. Through this app, you will learn present tense, simple past tense, present perfect tense, past perfect tense, future tense, future perfect tense, subjunctive I and subjunctive II. Aside from that, this app contains 275 mostly used German verbs and in addition to that, you will know your progress as it provides your stats, feedback and even visualization tools.


10. Wie geht’s German 

If you want to learn the basics, this app is perfect for you. Through this app, you will learn phrases which is used in all kinds of daily situations. You will not have a hard time with this app as its content is divided according to topic and your skill. Meaning, you will be able to choose from beginner, intermediary or advanced level type of mode. In addition to that, you will also learn grammar and correct pronunciation through native speakers.


11. Learn German by Bravolol

Through Bravolol, you will be able to learn many useful words and phrases for daily life situations. It has themes of eating, health, greetings, shopping, hobbies, romance and many more. In this app, you will be able to record your own voice, listen to it and compare it to the original. This app is surely perfect for practicing your pronunciation.


12. DeutschAkademie 

This app gives more depth in learning the German language which focuses on grammar. Hence, if you are looking for something that will teach you vocabulary, this app is not for you. Its courses includes about 20,000 grammar exercises and tests which contains multiple choice questions.


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