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Learning to play the piano is a dream for many people, but they simply can’t find the time to take lessons. In addition, pianos can be very expensive and if you want a traditional instrument, you may need a lot of space for it. Although it is a common belief that playing an instrument is a skill that you should start working on since you are a child, it is never too late to learn. Thanks to some great apps designed to help you to play the piano, you won’t need to invest a lot of money in lessons or even buy an expensive instrument. You can transform your mobile device into a piano and learn and practice using the apps in our list.

Piano Melody Free

Piano Melody Free is an Android app created by Learn To Master and it is designed to help users to learn to play songs from different musical genres. There are hundreds of songs available and you can configure the piano and select the size that better suits your smartphone or tablet. The app offers many options to customize your learning experience. You can adjust the speed of the song, highlight notes to play by ear and much more. Piano Melody Free also stands out for its realistic sounds and its fantastic digital grand piano.


Perfect Piano

Revontulet Soft has created a piano simulator that lets you learn to play this wonderful instrument in an easy way. Even if you don’t own a piano, you can play thanks to this app that features a multi-touch technology 88-key piano keyboard with multiple modes and adjustment options. Perfect Piano comes with a wide variety of sound effects including Pipe Organ, Music Box, Grand piano, Bright piano and Synthesizer. You can also record audio and share the files. The app also offers a vast library of music scores. It is also possible to select the speed and level of difficult that better suits you.

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Simply Piano

iOS users can rely on Simply Piano, a convenient app that can help you to learn to play fast. Simply Piano by JoyTunes keeps things easy and fun and it is a great option for both beginners and advanced users. The app works with any piano or keyboard, but if you don’t have an instrument, you can try the Touch Courses with 3D Touch, which transforms your iPhone or iPad into an on-screen keyboard. Simply Piano features an extensive collection of songs including recent pop hits and classical compositions.


Pianist HD: Piano +

This app has a well-deserved high score on Google Play. You can easily learn to play piano at your own pace with the help of Pianist HD: Piano + by Rubycell. You won’t need to follow set instructions so you have freedom to play tunes that suit your preferences, as well as your level. There are thousands of songs available and you can adjust the speed to play fast or slow. You can also upload MIDI and Karaoke files and the app comes with multiple studio quality sampled voices, as well as over 120 musical MIDI instruments.


Piano – Gismart

Gismart brings us a free app designed to teach you to play piano with incredibly realistic audio and feel. Having this app is like having a piano on your mobile device and you will be able to learn while having fun, thanks to the collection of games available. Gismart Piano allows you to learn chords and music notes without having to spend a lot of money in lessons. It also features special effects and additional instruments like guitar, violin, harpsichord and accordion. You can also let your creativity out and create your own tunes and record them.

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My Piano

My Piano by Trajkovski Labs offers great graphics and a keyboard that will help you to practice your piano playing skills, no matter where you are. With My Piano, you get superb audio quality, as well as many features to enhance your musical experience. This digital piano comes with a variety of sound effects and additional instruments. It also supports advanced options such as note velocity, sensor pitch bend, note pitch bend, integrated sampler, integrated recorder and more. It is also possible to customize the appearance of the app using one of the skins available.


Super Piano Free HD

IDTeam’s Super Piano Free HD is another option that allows you to start learning to play piano. the easy way. The app features high quality audio and its features are set to guide you as you learn to play the piano. You can select the number of keys and there is a full 8 octave keyboard available. Apart from giving you the possibility of playing the piano, this app supports recording features and you can combine individual sounds and rhythm levels. This Android app is optimized for smartphones and tablets with large screens.


Magic Piano

Smule has created an app that lets you feel like an experienced pianist as you play songs of different genres. There is an impressive list of songs that include classical compositions, as well as the latest hits. New songs are regularly added and you can choose from genres like Rock, Country, R&B and musicals. While the app doesn’t focus on teaching users how to play the piano, it allows you to relax as it guides you through the notes and it gives you flexibility to play each song on your own way. It is possible to adjust the level of difficulty and you play as fast or as slow as you want.

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Piano Master

This entertaining game will also give you the chance to put your musical skills to the test. All you need to do is to follow the notes on the screen and very soon you will be playing popular songs, even if it is the first time you use the game. The free version of the app comes with 15 songs but you can unlock hundreds more through in-app purchases. The songs available include classical works, national anthems and traditional tunes. Piano Master offers different levels of difficulty and it works better on devices with large displays.

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