Best Apps to Track your Blood Pressure

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men around the world. It is estimated that it kills over 17 million of people each year. One of the high risk factors of heart disease is high blood pressure and many people are affected by this condition. A healthy diet, regular exercise and other changes in your lifestyle choices can help to prevent heart disease. Technology can also help when you are trying to be healthier. There are fantastic apps that let you keep track of your blood pressure in an easy and effective way. These apps can make things simple so that you can stay on top of your health. Just keep in mind that these apps don’t measure your blood pressure. You will still need a pressure gauge to read the values, but with these tracking tools, it will be easier to organize and read the results.

iBP Blood Pressure

Leading Edge’s iBP app allows you to track and analyze blood pressure using color icons that let you know the status of your blood pressure. The values indicate if your blood pressure is normal, high or if you have hypertension. The app features practical graphs that let you see your weekly, monthly, or annual results. You can also check values for a specific time of the day. These graphs show you high, low and average results. iBP works with iOS and Android devices and it supports multiple users. Keep in mind that you need an additional device to check your blood pressure. You can easily save and organize the information to share it with your doctor. The app is available for $0.99.

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Blood Pressure

My Heart Blood Pressure by Klimaszewski Symon Medical is designed to help users to control their blood pressure with the help of a variety of features. It provides statistics, measurement analysis and graphs that can be exported. You can create reports that can be sent directly to your doctor. The interface is easy to use and the information is neatly organized. It also supports interactive charts and reminders to stay on top of your health. This free app is available for Android only at the moment.


Blood Pressure Companion

Maxwell Software delivers a practical, detailed way to follow up on your blood pressure results to identify any signs of warning. The app lets you track your systolic, diastolic and heart rate with convenient charts. It can also get a calculation of mean arterial pressure for each reading. You can get access to comprehensive reports and add notes to the readings. With Blood Pressure Companion you can also set up reminders to check your BP, to visit your doctor, take your medicines or anything else. It is available for iOS for just $0.99.


Blood Pressure Monitor


Blood Pressure Monitor by Taconic System is a comprehensive solution for iOS users who want to monitor their blood pressure as well as their health. The app offers a good selection of features including statistics reporting, medication correlation, lifetime data visualization and reminders. Once you get the blood pressure values using a device designed for this purpose, you can use the app to keep track of the measurements in a convenient way. The graphical charts will allow you to identify any possible concerns so that you can consult your doctor whenever needed. You can download Blood Pressure Monitor Family Lite for free.


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