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Audio editing software allows you to create a mix with your favorite songs, make changes on your own tracks, or even create a ringtone using a sound that you like. It is a must-have tool for musicians and anyone who wants to get professional results when working with audio tracks. While it can be challenging to choose the best solution for you, in this list you will find applications that support a variety of features that suit different requirements.


Audacity is a free and versatile audio editor and recorder that supports a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. Audacity’s interface stands out for its simplicity and it is available in different languages. It offers live recording capabilities and multi-track editing. WAV and MP3 are supported, but you will need to download a separate encoder for MP3. Audacity lets you edit using cut and paste and it also includes noise reduction, navigation controls and practical sound effects, as well as vocal reduction. It is easy to use and also gives you a good selection of features.


NCH Software offers a solution that is easy to use and that allows users to enjoy professional audio editing on their computer. The tool can be used to combine different tracks and to manage multiple aspects of the music creation process. It supports a wide range of formats including WAV, MP3, VOX, WMA, AAC and OGG. Apart from standard features like silence, copy and insert, WavePad includes advanced options such as sound effects. You can also get additional plug-ins to extend the functionality of the app. WavePad is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


Wavosaur is another good free solution and while it offers the functionality of a Digital Audio Workstation, it keeps things simple by offering a basic interface. With Wavosaur, you will be able to take control over multiple types of music tracks without hassle. It supports editing through copy and paste, as well as multiple processing solutions and the option to use a variety of skins to suit your style. Wavosaur also allows batch processing and file exporting through third-party software. Wavosaur also offers multi-channel audio editing and it is recognized for its VST support.


Ardour is also a Digital Work Station and it is ideal for musicians, sound engineers and professional users who need to record, edit and mix tracks. Although Ardour offers advanced functionality, it is easy enough to use and you can easily get familiar with the interface and all the options available. It is possible to mix MIDI projects effortlessly and thanks to the enhanced recording features, musicians and composers can let their creativity flow and enjoy a fantastic experience with this software. Ardour offers Inline Plugin Control, Routing and other convenient options in the mixing section. You can use it with additional plug-ins to suit the tool to your needs.

Sound Forge Audio Studio

Sony is one of the most prestigious brands in the world and its Sound Forge Audio Studio is a fantastic solution with a wide selection of features. It helps you through every aspect of the music creation process. You can rely on special effects and a variety of methods to obtain precise, remarkable results. It is a professional solution in many aspects, but it also offers an easy to use option that allows you to edit and mix tracks with just a few clicks. There is also VST audio plug-in support and you can expect efficient and top notch performance from this tool.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a reliable solution that provides high quality and professional results. It allows you to work on your music using outstanding features that include multi-track editing, editing/mixing environment, spectral display, waveform and remarkable performance. The interface reflects Adobe’s commitment to ease of use and you can also find useful tutorials that will guide you through every step, and that will allow you to take full advantage of the tool’s capabilities. Adobe Audition can help you to complete projects in less time, while obtaining amazing sound and it works on Mac and Windows.

FL Studio 12.1.2

FL Studio is more complex than other tools in the list because it is a fully functional Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. This means that it gives you flexibility to mix and create music in any way you want. FL Studio is updated on a regular basis and new advanced features are regularly added. The interface would be more suitable for experienced users and it offers all that is needed to create and record your own tracks seamlessly. If you have a monitor with multi-touch support, your audio editing will be more convenient. The software also features file browser, the option to add plug-ins and to enhance the interface with additional functionality.

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