Best Blitzball Players in FFX and Where to Find Them

Final Fantasy X is one of the most popular and well-loved games. It comes with interesting, beautiful and engaging storyline which integrates combat. These factors not only has made Final Fantasy X one of the most famous games but it also has made it as one of the strongest games in the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy X also provides one of the best side games which is known as Blitzball. However, searching for the best Blitzball players could be difficult and frustrating. Do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to find the best Blitzball players in Final Fantasy X.

Best Blitzball Players in Final Fantasy X and Where to Find Them


Wedge is one of the players which you will find in the first stages of the game. He is very strong and he is one of the players which you could recruit in the early stage of the game. Though this is the case, keep in mind, however, that this character does not have much of use until after level 20.

Best PositionForward
LocationLuca’s main gate
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 80.HP 3, 327.
SP 65.SP 66.
EN 9.EN 46.
PA 5.AT 31.
SH 17.PA 11.
CA 2.BL 23.
CA 18.
SH 22.


Jumal could also be recruited at an early stage of the game. However, this character is discouraged to be used after level 20. Hence, if you need someone who could help your team at an early stage, Jumal is your best bet.

Best PositionGoalkeeper
LocationLuca Square
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 100.HP 3, 347.
SP 60.SP 60.
EN 8.EN 16.
AT 1.AT 16.
PA 5.PA 25.
BL 4.BL 7.
SH 1.SH 11.
CA 14.CA 25.


If you want to get an upper hand in Blitzball game, we highly recommend for you to recruit Zalitz as soon as you could. He is a sailor and he is a defender. You will be able to find Zalitz outside the sphere theater in Luca.

Best PositionDefender
LocationOutside the sphere theater in Luca
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 100.HP 3070.
SP 59.SP 59.
EN 6.EN 16.
AT 15.AT 27.
PA 5.PA 25.
BL 11.BL 31.
SH 3.SH 13.
CA 1.CA 11.


If you will recruit Nedus, you will have to be patient. In fact, he is considered as the second slowest after Mifurey. Though this is the case, from level 30 onward, he would be developed into one of the fastest players.

Best Position Forward
LocationLuca dock number 1
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 100.HP 3070.
SP 30.SP 45.
EN 12.EN 49.
AT 2.AT 13.
PA 3.PA 50.
BL 2.BL 7.
SH 10.SH 38.
CA 3.CA 6.

Giera Guado

Giera as a captain of Guardo Glories possess the same amount of speed as his team. He is a midfielder and he could block high and he has a great passing ability. Giera could be used as an attacker as well.

Best PositionMidfielder/ Forward
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 110.HP 3080.
SP 75.SP 75.
EN 12.EN 22.
AT 3.AT 13.
PA 10.PA 45.
BL 6.BL 30.
SH 11.SH 41.
CA 1.CA 4.


Miyu is a crusader. You will find her at different times and intervals of the game. She is considered as one of the best goalkeepers and she could be found at the north wharf of the Moonflow.

Best PositionGoalKeeper
Location North Wharf of the Moonflow
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 100.HP 3300.
SP 60.SP 63.
EN 15.EN 40.
AT 14.AT 26.
PA 2.PA 7.
BL 2.BL 4.
SH 4.SH 9.
CA 11.CA 32.


You would first notice Shaami in Luca where she is reporting on Blitzball tournament. Do not be fooled, though, as she is more than a reporter. In fact, she is one of the best players in Spira and not only that, she is one of the best at all levels.

Best Position Forward
LocationBridge towards the sphere theater
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 100.HP 3070.
SP 58.SP 62.
EN 11.EN 45.
AT 4.AT 28.
PA 5.PA 15.
BL 2.BL 12.
SH 10.SH 42.
CA 2.CA 7.


Nimrook is considered as the best goalkeeper. However, and unfortunately, you would not find him until at a later stage of the game. Hence, you will have to be very patient before you could recruit him.

Nimrook starts as a keeper for Al Bhed Psyches and though this is the case, you should recruit him as soon as you could.

Best PositionGoalkeeper
LocationCorridor of the Fahrenheit airship
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 96.HP 3063.
SP 60.SP 60.
EN 5.EN 33.
AT 10.AT 23.
PA 2.PA 17.
BL4.BL 11.
SH 1.SH 11.
CA 18.CA 35.


Roop is one of the best Blitzball players. He is considered as the strongest defender with him having the highest AT, BL and PA. What is amazing about this character is that you could hire him in the early stages of the game.

Best PositionDefender
LocationBehind the counter at Rin’s Travel Agency
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 191.HP 2925.
SP 60.SP 60.
EN 9.EN 29.
AT 11.AT 31.
PA 10.PA 39.
BL 15.BL 29.
SH 1.SH 6.
CA 2.CA 11.


Brother is the best midfielder. He is an Al Bhed pilot and he is a cousin of Yuna, Brother of Rikky and son of Cid. He is easy to find as well. Brother has a very important role in FFX.

Best PositionMidfielder
LocationMain deck of Farenheit Airship
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 96HP 3063
SP 60SP 60
EN 5EN 33
AT 10AT 23
PA 2PA 17
BL 4BL 11
SH 1SH 11
CA 18CA 35


Tidus could be a consistent member of your team. He could progress through all the levels. He develops at a steady pace and he has the ability to destroy most teams.

Best PositionForward
Level 1 StatsLevel 50 Stats
HP 132HP 3347
SP 60SP 64
EN 10EN 45
AT 4AT 13
PA 3PA 23
BL 2BL 11
SH 10SH 49
CA 1CA 11


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide in playing Blitzball.

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