Best browsers for privacy – A list of the most secure browsers available

The ease of use and varied selection of features that Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera offer, have allowed these browsers to reach a high level of popularity. While they are easy to use and come with multiple advantages, their main problem is that they are not good options for privacy protection. Your personal information is not safe when you use these browsers, but thankfully, they are not the only solutions available. In order to keep your information protected, you need to get a secure browser that supports functions that are designed to help you to protect your privacy. Using a secure browser is important because it adds protection for your browsing activities, but it is not the only measure that you need to take. You also need to get a VPN service that secures your entire internet traffic. This will give you comprehensive protection against the threats that lurk online.

Protecting your internet traffic is crucial if you want to keep your information truly private. Nowadays, users are aware of the importance of using tools like VPNs and secure browsers to enjoy the internet securely. Although Chrome, Firefox and other widely-used browsers are fairly practical, security is not their strength. That being said, using a secure browser can be more complicated and it requires you to download additional software, which means taking up more space in your computer. A better option is to sign up for a VPN service that protects not only your browsing activities, but your entire traffic, preventing third-parties from tracking or monitoring you. A browser focused on security sounds like a good idea, but in reality it can be more complicated than you may think. While there are options that you can consider, we advise you to use a VPN instead. This simplifies things as it allows you to continue using your favorite browser, without exposing your information.

VPN vs Secure Browser

Using a secure browser can hide your IP address, keeping your identity protected and if you use a solution such as TOR, your traffic will also be encrypted. The problem is that when you use a secure browser, your data is transferred to the third party as well. A VPN protects not only your browsing activities, but also your streaming traffic and everything else. VPNs are comprehensive solutions for privacy and when you use one of the best services available, you can enjoy a zero logs policy, which means that the VPN doesn’t keep logs of your activities. Although a VPN is the most convenient solution, if you are looking for a highly secure browser, we recommend the below options.

TOR Browser

If you want to enjoy a highly secure browsing experience, Tor is the first browser that you should consider. The Tor network focuses on providing anonymity and it can be used on Mac, Linux and Windows. The Tor browser is designed to protect users’ from online surveillance and it is an effective solution to keep your identity hidden. When you use Tor, your traffic is directed through relay servers and the information is encrypted. Tor is available as a portable app, meaning that it can be installed on any removable storage device such as a USB key. This gives you the chance to use Tor in any location.

With Tor browser, you can access the Tor network and keep your real IP address hidden. It comes with a convenient slider. What makes this browser stand out is the fact that it allows you to access Onion sites, which are sites available on the dark web. However, there a few drawbacks that should be considered. For instance, speed is a major issue when using Tor, due to the fact that the traffic has to go through several relays before reaching its destination. Besides, using Tor without a VPN could still leave your privacy compromised. Even if others can’t see what you are doing, they may be able to see that you are accessing Tor and in many cases, that is enough to draw attention from government organizations.

Comodo Dragon browser

Although it is not in the same level as Tor, Comodo Dragon browser is a great option that is worth considering. It supports features that will help you to enjoy secure browsing, including secure DNS, SSL, domain validation, on-site malware scanning and it can also block cookies and all tracking. Since it is based in Chromium, its interface will seem familiar and easy to use. Comodo Dragon browser is available on Mac, Windows and Linux.


Based on Chromium, this browser offers security for your data and it supports major platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. In spite of its similar design, SRWare is considerably more secure than Chrome and it excludes the use of an ID. Plus, it doesn’t offer search suggestions, which can be a privacy concern.

Epic browser

This is another solution that is worth checking. Epic browser disables passages that could put your browsing activities at risk. It is a highly secure solution that includes a proxy, giving you anonymity and helping you to hide your location. Epic Browser also uses Do Not Track and the traces are exempted after a browsing session ends. If you have Windows or Mac, you can use Epic Browser to secure your browsing activities.

Avira Scout

Avira Scout is a browser that provides a high level of security and privacy. It brings together a wide selection of third-party security plugins. Avira Scout stands apart thanks to impressive features like Avira Safe Browsing, which prevents access to websites infected with phishing. In addition, this browser offers Avira Safe Search, Secure WiFI implementing HTTPS and it also supports anti-tracking. Avira Scout can be used on devices running Mac, Linux or Windows.

Brave Browser

Open source technology is preferred by many people due to the fact that it is versatile and affordability. Brave Browser is an option that can replace popular names like Chrome and Safari. It is based in Chromium and it supports convenient features such as built-in ad-blocked, script blocker, HTTPS everywhere and protection against tracking and WebRTC leaks, which is an issue that affects popular browsers like Chrome and Safari. Another feature worth mentioning is the one-click, anti-fingerprinting function. Brave Browser is lightweight, but the interface needs to be improved since at the moment, the performance is slow.

Dooble Secure Browser

Dooble Secure browser supports Mac, Linux and Windows and while it is a secure solution, it is more complicated than other browsers in the list. It features two different modes and the secure version is set by default. Javascript and flash player are disabled when using Dooble, which provides more security, but can also be annoying when you are trying to access a site with media content. The browser also blocks iFrames and third-party cookies session. Browsing history and bookmarks are converted into unreadable text, which provides encryption.

How to secure a regular browser

Another alternative is to improve the security of your current browser so that you can continue using the features you are used to, without compromising your privacy. This is possible with the help of some add-ons and extensions that are designed to make Chrome and Firefox safer. Here are the solutions that we recommend.

HTTPS Everywhere

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a remarkable nonprofit organization that works to defend the right to online privacy and freedom, offers a useful extension that boosts the security of your traffic. It renders the only secured version of the website and establishes in which extension it will enforce all HTTP request to HTTPs version. Many websites have a valid SSL Certificate, but they don’t direct you to the HTTPS version by default. With this extension, you can enjoy a higher level of security because HTTPS Eveywhere will forcefully manage the request adding HTTPS link. This means that you will only access the encrypted page of the website. HTTPS Everywhere is available for free and it supports Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Android.

Privacy Badger

After visiting an online shop, or searching for a specific product, you may notice that you start getting pop-up ads of that product, or products that you have checked on e-commerce platforms. They appear, even after you leave the website that you initially checked, you may even see them on your Facebook feed. This is known as third-party tracking and it is a function that keeps track of activities in the background. With Privacy Badger, you can block trackers and prevent them from targeting with ads. Privacy Badger is available for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari. It works by blocking ad scripts. One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t work when it comes to blocking Google Analytics.

Cookie AutoDelete

Cookie AutoDelete allows you to tackle cookies effectively. It lets you whitelist safe sites or mark unsafe ones to ensure that cookies are removed automatically once you close the tab or close the browser. This prevents monitoring of your browsing activities via cookies. Cookie AutoDelete is available for FireFox, Opera and Chrome.

UBlock Origin

UBlock is an effective solution to block ads and keep your system protected from malware. It features an extensive list of filters and although it is open source, the team behind UBlock Origin doesn’t expect a donation. The project is supported by other users who work to maintain the list of filters that are available. UBlock Origin is both free and powerful so we definitely advise you to give it a go.


Using a secure browser can enhance the security of your browsing activities and in the list above, you will find some of the most reliable and efficient solutions available at the moment. We have also mentioned extensions that can make your regular browser more secure. Remember that if you want to protect your entire traffic, it is advisable to use a VPN service. This technology is designed to protect not only your browsing, but also your streaming, gaming and more. We recommend providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, SurfShark and CyberGhost.

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