Best Browsers for Mac

As a Mac user, I understand the dilemma and the challenge of having a great internet browser and sometimes it gets frustrating whenever your browser doesn’t work as it’s supposed to be and as you expect it to be, and when choosing a browser for your Mac or computer, you consider a lot of things such as security, privacy, settings, parental control, data storage, speed and many more. With this, we understand that getting the right browser could be frustrating, thus, we have decided to feature the best browsers for Mac. This way, we could assist you in choosing the right one for you.

Before we list down the best browsers, here are the things we think a browser has to be and has to have in order for it to be considered as perfect and the best.

  • It should have an Incognito Mode. Meaning it should have a private surfing mode
  • It must contain full security settings. This way it could protect your Mac from malicious sites that usually harm your device.
  • It could hide your IP address from third party sites.
  • It is fast, flexible and easy to use.

Best Browsers Perfect for Mac

1. Safari

Safari is one of the most popular and most secured browsers for Mac. It in fact has been the default browser of Apple since 2004. It is based on WebKit Engine and its Nitro JavaScript Engine makes this browser faster compared to other browsers such as Opera and Firefox. It offers a smart address field and speculative loading. Moreover, it has built-in features that are useful for sharing emails, webpages and many more.

This browser does not use cookies and show advertisements unlike its competitor, Google but it does contain extensions that are very useful. It also comes with Safari reader which will give you distraction-free reading experience. Moreover, it also has a left tab listing which makes it easier to browse and add useful sites.

2. Google Chrome

This browser is one of the most used and is usually set as a default browser by many. Google Chrome is considered as one of the best browsers due to its flexibility, easy to use and simple interface. It also has numerous extensions. The only downside of this browser is it drains the battery of your mac device. Moreover, it stores your browsing history and cache which will show you advertisements.

Google Chrome is an open-source browser and provides its users detailed web page analysis.

3. Maxthon

This browser is smooth and provides one of the most flexible browsing experiences. It allows cloud browsing and is a cross-platform browser. In addition to that, it also allows its users to transfer data such as images, text, etc.

As mentioned earlier, Maxthon is similar to cloud sharing as it comes with a variety of gestures that makes browsing easier to use. Moreover, it has a unique drag and drops support. Though the number of extensions are lesser and couldn’t compare to Google’s, this browser is still one of the bests.

4. Opera

Opera is one of the greatest browsers available for Mac users. It is similar to Google Chrome in terms of open source. This browser comes with 42 languages and it uses as blink as its layout engine. Opera also offers numerous useful and important features such as blocking features, bookmarks bar, downloading manager and tabbed browsing. In addition to that, it also allows its users to download pages and thumb-nailed them easily.

Opera could also reduce loading time and offers turbo mode that compresses web pages. It also protects your Mac and sites from malware and phishing.

5. Vivaldi

This browser is newly launched and started its operations just last 2016. It is similar to Google Chrome and uses HTML rendering engine plus Adobe flash plug-ins. Moreover, what’s amazing with this browser is it allows its users to use all the extensions of Google Chrome.

Vivaldi uses unique tab system and allows its users to see thumbnail preview of each content of a webpage. Furthermore, this browser allows its users to create notes and its side panel could be expanded for downloads and bookmarks.

The only downside of this browser is it drains battery fast.


There are numerous browsers available for Mac devices such as Mozilla Firefox, OmniWeb, Torch Browser, SeaMonkey and many more. You could also try these browsers depending on your needs. However, the listed above browsers are the best and we highly recommend the most used default browsers Safari and Google Chrome. With that, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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