Best Business Simulation Games

In the airline/flying industry, there are flying simulation tools that would assist pilots in learning what to do in case they meet certain situations, while flight crash investigators use these tools to investigate how and what was the reason behind a crash. They use it to anticipate real-life situations and change or strengthen possible outcomes.

Though simulation tools are famous and popularly used in the flying/airline industry, they also are available for businesses. The version for businesses is called business strategy simulation games. Through these simulation games, one will be able to learn things about business and get ideas regarding microeconomics.

Just like in everything, learning by doing is the most effective way to learn and gain knowledge. It is through experiencing real-life situations that will teach you what to do in case you get into similar situations. Thus, this is one of the goals of business strategy games- to help you understand the business more.

1. MIT Sloan Management Simulation Games

Part of the super elite private schools for MBA programs – Harvard, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Columbia, Stanford, the MIT Sloan Management has always been innovating and creating tools to help them inculcate learning to their students. One of their tools is its management simulation game. This game is free to be accessed by all.

The MIT Sloan Management Simulation Games are designed specifically for students. It provides them lessons and helps them understand everything about the business, its real-world practices, and industry standards. Through this game, you will get a taste of management and how to make executive decisions.

2. Capitalism II

Though the corporate/business world could be highly stressful and is a cutthroat activity, it is still being loved by many due to its challenging feeling and its high rewards. As they say, in business, making the right decision could make you go a long way and though there is no game simulation that could copy real-life corporate world, the Trevor Chan’s Capitalism II comes real close to it.

In this game, you will be able to create and operate your own huge empire. It comes with real-life business processes such as manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, retailing, and importing. It also includes the requirement of having to make decisions.

3. Virtonomics

This game focuses on processes and business principles. It provides a competitive environment just like in the real life. Through Virtonomics, you will be able to define your own goals and achieve them through your own strategies and tactics.

Virtonomics offers a non-linear and positive gameplay. This means, you will not be given a number of choices and you will be competing with other players on the market share. You will also have to make bold decisions in this game.

4. OpenTTD

This open source, multi-platform business game simulation, OpenTTD allows its players to create their own transport business. It teaches its players to manage and invest profits from the fares and transportation of goods. The OpenTTD is based and influenced by the video game Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

In this game, you will have the opportunity to earn money through your business in transportation. May it is through transporting goods, passengers, etc., you will learn how you are doing in your business through your profits and how to handle it.

OpenTTD comes in multiple languages and supports LAN and online mode.

5. Eve Online

Space-based MMORPG game, Eve Online is a multiplayer role-playing online game. In this game, you will be able to participate in activities such as piracy, manufacturing, mining, combat, and trade. Though this game is not a business simulation game, it provides complex economic, business and political interaction between players.

6. Railroad Tycoon II

This is the third part of the famous Railroad Tycoon series. This game includes the history of rail transportation. In this game, you will be able to play as the chairman of the railroad company and your goal is to be able to double your profits for the investors at the same time also having to mind the operations such as the brokerage of trains, economic downturns, and robberies as well.

Through this game, you will learn how to manage your finances by minding your expenses and earnings as well.

7. MobLab

MobLab is an online company which allows its users to learn through their interactive game. This program was created by Caltech Students, and they have incorporated complex subjects and

theories in Psychology, Economics and Business Administration. Through MobLab, you will be able to learn demand and supply concept as well as market knowledge.

8. Innov8 BPM Simulator

BPM also is known as Business Process Management is a huge topic or area of study. Through it you will have to know how to identify, improve, analyze, and optimize business processes. With this game, students and professionals as well could benefit and get to learn important things about different business models and how to improve, take advantage, and to gain profits as well.

In Innov8 BPM, you will play a role in a call center agency, and your goal is to identify its current business model and how you could optimize it to gain profits.

9. SimCEO

simCEO allows its users to create their own company and go into the stock market. It offers two modes- instructors who are the ones who create the market for learning and learners who experience and try to immerse themselves in the stock market made by the instructors.

In this game, you will have the opportunity to evaluate companies and will have the chance to invest. The game allows you to play individually and in teams as well.

10. Theme Hospital

Instead of corporates and stores, you will be able to experience managing a hospital through this game called Theme Hospital. In it, you will have to be able to cure patients and at the same time, turn the hospital into profit.

Just like the game Theme Park, this game comes in sequel wherein the next game will be called Two Point Hospital.

11. Port Royale: Gold, Power, and Pirates

Want to learn how pirates do business, then Port Royale: Gold, Power, and Pirates are for you. The game is set in the 16th and 17th century and on the Caribbean. In Port Royale, you will get to experience business real-time battles wherein you will be able to trade with pirates.

12. Victoria II

In this game, you will get to feel what was like in the 1836 to 1936. Victoria II allows you to get a glimpse of how it is to be working on a fair complex market system and with 50 different types of goods. You will also get to experience industrialization, internal management, and integrate socio-political situations in your business.

13. Transport Tycoon

This game is similar to Airline Tycoon where you will have to compete with other companies by making as much profit as you could in the transportation industry. In this game, you will have to make money by transporting goods and passengers.

14. Airline Tycoon

This is one of the oldest simulation games. It was launched back in the days for Windows 1988. Then, another version was created for Linux and Mac OS X. Your goal in this game is to make money and be a rich tycoon.

15. Industry Giant II

Another business simulation game, the Industry Giant II, focuses on the totality of a business such as finance and HR. This game came to life through the inspiration from other games such as Transport Tycoon, Capitalism and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

In this game, you will be taking care of the manufacturing and distribution of your company’s products. Your goal is to be able to gain more profit through your operation.

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