Best Buy plans to rollout Apple Watch to all 1,050 stores via new renovations

If you’ve seen Apple stores within Best Buy, prepare for an increased Apple presence. According to the company’s words to Fortune magazine, the nation’s most popular retailer looks to expand Apple’s presence within its stores due to the increased demand for the Apple Watch. The expected date of the Apple Watch rollout in all 1,050 stores nationwide is September, the company says.

The additional display tables are great for ther merchandising of Apple Watch, which went on sale at and in more than 100 of our stores in Auust. Now, because demand for Apple Watch has been so strong in these stores and online, we are excited to share that beginning September 4 we will be carrying Apple Watch in more than 900 of our big-box stores. Apple Watch will be available in all 1050 of our big-box stores and approximately 30 of our Best Buy Mobile stores by the end of September,

the company said in a statement.

Best Buy is currently renovating at 740 of its stores to increase tables and displays for its Apple Store-within-a-store setup, with 350 additional stores having already been renovated to match the new Apple Watch setup. Best Buy has said that another 170 stores will be completed in time for the holiday season, when Black Friday will showcase a great many deals on the first-generation wearable (should Apple release an Apple Watch 2, that is).

The Apple Watch will certainly be in full force for the holiday season, but don’t let the prices fool you: the new Apple wearable has its share of complaints, too.


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