Best Cache Cleaner Apps for Android

If you have noticed that your Android device is running slower and that it runs out of storage without apparent reason, it is likely that the temporary files are to blame. The applications on your device can create temporary files or Cache files and with time, they can affect the performance of your device and use up the battery faster. These temporary files are saved to help apps and websites to start a bit faster whenever they are launched. However, they slow down your computer, which is why it is advisable to remove this temporary data. The best option to solve the issue is to rely on a good cache cleaner app. Here you will find the list of the best apps to clean cache on your Android device.

Clean Master

This free app by Chetaah Mobile is a simple and highly effective way to clean cache on your Android device. Clean Master is very popular and it is designed to boost the performance of your smartphone or tablet with only a few taps. You can clean junk files, Android cache files, search history, call logs and more, without hassle. The auto clean service cleans all cache files automatically once the memory limit is surpassed. It also helps you to uninstall and close apps easily.


Created by Piriform, CCleaner is one of the most recognized cleaning solutions for Mac and Windows. The powerful performance of this software is now available for Android users and it can be downloaded for free. It is fast, easy to use and it works seamlessly. CCleaner does a great job at cleaning app cache, removing junk files and monitoring your system. With CCleaner, you can free up some space and browse more efficiently.

Cache Cleaner +

If you are looking for a solution that focuses on ease of use and that will help you to improve the performance of your Android device significantly, you need to consider Cache Cleaner +. It will solve problems like slow performance and will help you to get the most out of the battery and storage of your Android device. Cache Cleaner + has many features to manage your device and will help you to get alerts to make sure that you clean cache at the best times.

Clean Cache 2018

With this practical app from Bazinga!, you will be able to clean cache to get rid of useless data and to get back some disk space. All you need is one click to clean cache and boost the performance of your device. Millions of users trust this app thanks to its ease of use and effectiveness. Clean Cache works fast and it organizes the apps by size and name. You can even schedule scan with cache clean reminder. There are two display styles and two appealing themes available.

Boost Cache Cleaner

Apex Apps has designed an amazing app cache cleaner that will improve the performance of your Android tablet or smartphone. As the name suggests, the app can boost your device by cleaning cache. Rooting is not required and Boost Cache Cleaner will help you to take back control of your device. It is perfect for managing memory and restoring an Android device that is running slowly. With Boost Cache Cleaner you can free up a lot of space as it is possible to clean all kinds of individual files with just one tap.

History Eraser – Privacy Cleaner

History Eraser by Infolife also lets you free up disk space and clean app cache files effectively/. It is a practical solution to clean history on your Android device and it gives you the chance to keep your privacy protected. You can clean your browser history, as well as text messages, call logs, search history and much more. The app offers flawless performance and you won’t need to root your device to enjoy the advantages of this app.

Cache Clear – Auto Clean

Another way to clear cache on your Android device is using Tacoty App’s Cache Clear. This solution removes unnecessary data to ensure that your smartphone or tablet runs efficiently. The app is user-friendly and offers fast performance. You can remove browsing history, search records, email records, Google Maps searches, clipboard and more. Cache Clear has auto clear capacity that can be used from the Desktop with a widget. It is convenient and very effective.

Clear Master

Clear Master is designed to clear data safely so that you can enjoy better speed, more space and overall improved performance on your Android device. It clears browsing history, call logs, texts, search history and more. You can find and remove cached data easily to boost the performance of your smartphone. There is an option to schedule Clear Master to safely wipe a selection of app cache data at a specific time, without affecting personal files. Clear Master is a fantastic and effective option that you definitely need to try.

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