Best clock widgets for Android

Although Android devices come with a default clock widget, many people want an alternative solution. If you would like to get something different, thanks to the flexibility of Android, you can and there are many options available. In this list, you will find the bets clock widgets for your Android smartphone or tablet. With these widgets you can keep track of time on your device with a customized look. All the options listed are free to download, but some of them required in-app purchases. Here is a selection of the best Clock Widgets that you can get for Android.

Digital Clock Widget

Maize offers a solution that combines home screen digital time and date widget for Android. It offers a great selection of customization options and it supports multiple languages. There is an incredible variety of languages to choose from for the time and date, with RGB color picker. The app is easy to use and all you need to do is to tap on widget to load up alarm, calendar and widget settings page. You can choose different screen backgrounds and customize the widget according to your style.

ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget

Simplicity and versatility come together in this widget by Jakub Kinst. There are over 20 fonts to choose from in the free version and the Premium one offers many more, as well as a layout option that lets you mote, scale and rotate widget elements for additional customization. You can choose from a variety of colors, shadow effects, transparency and much more. It is another excellent clock widget for your Android tablet or smartphone.

Digi Clock Widget

Created by ForestTree, this remarkable widget will impress you with its wide range of customization settings. You can adjust the color, the shadow effects, outlines, languages and date formats. It is possible to select widget click actions and choose between several fonts. Digi Clock Widget works well and it also offers amazing design. It is a convenient solution that gives you flexibility to choose the looks that you prefer for your Android device.

Minimal Clock Widget

JrL offers a clock widget with a minimalist design, as the name suggests. It is a lightweight and simple options that features a variety of amazing of clock widget styles. It is possible to adjust the color, text and background to set your preferences. The widget can even be set as a shortcut to a different app. You also get the weather forecast with the weather app and you can also see the battery life left.

Simple Digital Clock Widget

This convenient clock widget is true to its name as it combines functionality and simplicity. It is available for free, but you won’t have to deal with annoying ads. There are two widgets and it looks great on dark and light backgrounds. The widget comes with a stunning lock screen widget, but keep in mind that like other options in the list, it is not meant to be installed to SD cards.

Thalion Clock

If design is the most important aspect for you, take a look at Thalion Clock. This gorgeous analog clock widget stands out thanks to its unique looks. Thalion Clock has three sizes: 1×1, 2×2 and 4×3. This widget is easy on your battery and it only receives your device’s clock broadcast. Thalion Clock can be easily set from the widget list of your Android and it is definitely worth a try.

Clock Now

This clock widget created by Pastry Lab is based on Google Now, and it follows the Holo interface guidelines. Clock Now is simple and it doesn’t take a lot of space on your device. With just one tap, you can access a wide selection of settings. It is available for free and it doesn’t feature ads.

Round Clock Widget

Round Clock Widget by Super Droid Studio offers an appealing and innovative look for your home screen. It is a beautiful option that is also very simple. Round Clock Widget supports a variety of languages and it uses 20 different styles of round clock. There are multiple time fonts to choose from and an alarm clock shortcut, which is very practical. The widget also comes with a second circle animation that is very appealing.


This is a digital style clock widget based in the Cowon D3 Clock and it allows you to change the size, date format and color. You can change the looks to suit your own style. The BobClockD3 is simple, but it supports all the features needed to get a unique look on your Android device’s clock.

Retro Clock Widget

Created by, this is a classic widget that is still enjoying high popularity in the Google Play Store. The most recent version available has fixed past issues and now the widget works really well. Retro Clock Widget is based on the legendary mechanical flipping clock. Its simple design lest you access the calendar and alarm clock instantly. It is a practical and efficient option and you can customize the style and the shortcuts.

DashClock Widget

DashClock was created by Roman Nurik and Ian Lake and it is the easiest option to access information about unread texts, Gmail inbox, alarms, missed calls and more, with the help of included extensions. In terms of design, DashClock offers attractive design and you can find useful information on the screen of your device.

Pretty Binary Clock

meeDamian created a unique option that offers a beautiful design and that offers good customization options. You can select the color and size that you prefer and the widget is very easy to use. Pretty Binary Clock supports 24 hours and AM/PM format. It is a great option for Android users who want something really different.

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