Best Cloud Services for Gamers

The gaming industry has evolved over the years and nowadays, players enjoy realistic graphics, action-packed adventures and many options to enjoy their favorite titles. The wide selection of possibilities available in the gaming world has opened the door to solutions like cloud services for gamers. One of the main challenges faced by gamers is the fact that there are high configuration requirements for PC games. The bigger the game, the higher the configuration requirements needed. A game that freezes just when you are about to attack your opponent or make a decisive move, can be a very frustrating experience.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming services, also known as on-demand cloud services, are games that are not stored in your device. Instead they are kept on a company’s server and on your end, all you get is a client side software that connects to the company’s server and that recovers the game. The best thing about using a cloud based service is that there is no need to upgrade game software whenever an update becomes available. You won’t have to worry about system requirements when there is a new game upgrade. One of the companies that made history in the world of cloud gaming was OnLive, which enabled gamers to run games even if they were not installed on their devices. This allowed players to enjoy any game without having to take system configurations into consideration. The company’s services were discontinued in 2015 and Sony acquired OnLive’s patents. Thankfully, there are alternatives available for gamers looking for a cloud solution.

Playstation Now

In 2012, Sony acquired Gaikai, a US company that focuses on offering technology for streaming advanced video games. The acquisition allowed Sony to take advantage on Gaikai’s technology to set up its own gaming cloud platform for Sony devices including Smart TVs, Blu-ray discs and of course, PlayStations. PlayStation Now allows you to stream games on Sony devices including PS4, PS3, PS VITA and PSTV. The service lets you start playing on one device and then move to a different one (the PS4 and PS Vita currently supports this option), meaning that you won’t have to pause your game or stop playing. The subscription to PlayStation Now costs $99.99 per year and there is a 7-day free trial available.


G-Cluster offers advanced technology that can rival the likes of Sony and Microsoft. Although G-Cluster is meant to be a cloud game console, there are no actual physical consoles available. You get a device that can be plugged into your TV so that you can play popular games from major studios. The company has enjoyed global success, although its main customer base is not game players. Instead, the service is mostly used by internet providers that want to offer games as an add-on. G-Cluster has partnerships with large publishers, offering a good chance to access great games.


GameFly is another practical solution to play amazing games without needing a console. The service is similar like TV and movie streaming services ad it offers content on-demand. GameFly offers a rich catalog of games in a variety of genres that include games suitable for all the family. New options are continuously added and since GameFly is an efficient game streaming solution, you will be able to start playing games instantly. GameFly supports a variety of devices including Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV and EMTEC GEM Box. You can find titles like Borderlands 2, Alan Wake’s America Nightmare and Batman Arkham Origins. Just keep in mind that the availability of the games varies depending on the region.


Simplay is relatively new in the industry, but it already enjoys a lot of success, particularly in countries like the Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany and France, where it offers a high-quality service. Although it is not available yet in the United States, Simplay is expanding its service and it plans to launch its service in the US in the second half of 2018. Other countries where Simplay are currently available (although the service is yet to be improved in terms of speed) are Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark.


This multi-platform cloud gaming solution also works like popular TV and movies solutions like Hulu and Netflix, but it focuses on games. It offers an extensive library of PC games that you can play on pretty much any device including your laptop, Smart TV and smartphone. You can stream games from Vortexx’s servers directly, without having to install the games on your device. This means that you don’t need to download or update the games. Simply select from library, press Play and start enjoying the game. The platforms supported at the moment are Windows, Android and Chrome. There are hundreds of titles available including World of Tanks and Dota 2.

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