Best Compass Apps for iOS

Thanks to technology, we have multiple devices that helps us to find the right way to get to our destination. However, the humble compass is still a reliable and simple solution to guide us when we are exploring the outdoors. If you are not sure where to go and need directions, a compass will come to your rescue. You don’t even need to get a device on its own because with the apps in this list, you can have a compass on your iPhone or iPad. here you will find the apps that offer the best performance and features.

Commander Compass Lite

Commander Compass Lite is a comprehensive solution for users who love adventure. It is a GPS toolkit that will help you to explore the outdoors and guide you while you are navigating off-road. This app created by Pavel Ahafonau comes with all the features that you would expect from an advanced compass and even more. It has maps, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star finder, as well as coordinate converter and gyrocompass. You can add locations, enter coordinates manually, measure distanced and more. It is a free option that delivers remarkable accuracy.

DueNorth Simple Compass

Justin Mueller’s DueNorth offers a simple way to find your direction with great precision and clarity. Thanks to its uncluttered and easy to use interface, you will be able to find the right way fast and without hassle. You just need to touch the screen to be able to find directions. Even if you are in a challenging situation while you are outdoors, DueNorth Simple Compass will help you and you won’t need to move around trying to find the right direction. The app features a Dark mode that allows you to use it even in poor light conditions. You can also share your coordinates with others if you need them to find you.

Gyro Compass

This is a free compass that doesn’t feature any ads. Created by Yasin TurkoGlu, Gyro Compass gives you the basic functionality needed to find your way, and it also offers additional options such as online maps and GPS support, which will help you to mark your precise location. Gyro Compass aims to be an easy to use tool that doesn’t overwhelm users with complicated menus. You can easily get access to all the features and settings supported right from the main screen. The app can be used in portrait or landscape mode and it offers stable performance.


You can get a free, easy to use solution that gets the job done without making things too complicated. Tim O’s Studios offers an app that is ideal for users who want simplicity above all. The interface is fairly basic when compared to other options, but it may be exactly what many people are looking for. The display screen shows the direction you are going to. This compass app has a true magnetic north and it also features accuracy meter. It is designed to deliver accurate information so that you can find your way without issues. Thanks to the large size of the font, you will easily see the information displayed.

Compass 54 Lite

Using Compass 54 Lite by Alexander Galstyan is like having an actual compass and it supports a variety of features including weather data from Yahoo! Weather, Location, Date, Maps and more. You can switch between true and magnetic north and the Location service gives you course, coordinates, altitude and speed. There are many options within each feature so you can customize the app to suit your specific requirements. Compass 54 Lite’s interface is simple, yet stylish and it offers support for HD Retina Display. There is also a Pro version of the app that gives you access to more functions.

Digital Compass

Digital Compass by Patrick Giudicelli is completely free and it relies on your device’s GPS to show you directions. The app focuses on offering basic functionality, but it will guide you and help you to find the way. It displays the course in degrees and will also show you latitude and longitude. In order to use the app, you need to make sure that your location service is activated. The app is designed to be used outdoors and it displays the information in a simple and clear manner.

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