Best Contacts and Dialer apps for Android

Smartphones can do much more than just supporting calls, but this basic functionality cannot be overlooked. While we got used to communicating using instant messaging apps and social media websites, there are many times in which a call is the most practical and effective way to get in touch with someone. There are apps designed to help you to manage your contacts and personalize your Android dialer. With a dialer app, you can customize the calling experience on your Android device. Here we will go through options that offer simplicity, a good set of features, speed and a solid interface.

Contacts +

The first thing to highlight about Contacts + is its fantastic address book that features social media integration and it also allows you to manage IM apps from the same interface. You can bring together all your contacts and gather data like photos to get visibility of all this information on the same user interface. During the configuration, you are asked to add and sync all your social media profiles to get their updates. With Contacts +, you can easily organize your contact list and the app also comes with a messaging board. It combines beautiful design and effective performance.

ExDialer & Contacts

This app by Modoohut is one of the most convenient solutions thanks to its ease of use and rich functionality. It takes the best aspects of other apps to deliver a remarkable experience. ExDialer & Contacts features T9 input and allows you to send messages easily and to make calls using simple gestures, thanks to the customization options supported. The app has an uncluttered interface and while it is fairly simple, there are many options that allow users to personalize the app according to their preferences. Apart from supporting regular calls, the apps allows you to make VoIP calls using services like Skype and Viber.

2GIS Dialer: Contacts app

Created by 2GIS Apps, this dialer is trusted by millions of users and it focuses on showing users who is calling, by matching unknown numbers with an extensive business directory. It can replace the standard contacts app and it offers a better way to look for contacts. Its caller ID and call history features allow you to find out the identity of the caller. If a company is trying to contact you, 2GIS Dialer will let you know thanks to its comprehensive directory that includes local businesses. You can easily search for contacts and with the speed dial, you can call important contacts in just a matter of seconds.


PixelPhone by Dorado apps offers a great selection of customization options and it comes with a phone book that lets you manage your favorite groups and tabs, as well as support for T9, allowing you to use multiple gestures. The apps is fast and its performance is seamless. You can use two SIM cards and switch between them as needed. The Pro versions comes with advanced features like call recording and caller ID so that you are always aware of who is calling and can decide whether you want to accept or refuse the call.

Contakts Address Book

Contakts Address Book offers a simple and appealing way to see the information from your frequent contacts. You can also see graphics showing you the amount of time you spend talking and with whom. The data is collected from popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Google +. The app offers a great variety of customization options including themes that let you change the appearance of the contacts address book, whenever you want. There is also a Shuffle mode that lets you find new contacts, resume previous conversations or start new ones.

Swipe Dialer Free

With Swipe Dialer you can easily access contacts list, recent calls and manage the dial pad and your favorites without issues. It features a simple, Android design and it is set to offer great speed and convenient features to organize your contacts. There are many options to customize the apps to suit your own style, with the help of a variety of themes. With Swipe Dialer, you can also remove call logs in just one step and call your favorite contacts in landscape mode. The T9 search feature allows you to find contact information pretty fast.

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