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Crosswords have survived the test of time and they are still a popular solution for training your brain and having fun. You can put your language skills, your memory and your general knowledge to the test with the help of crossword puzzles. They have been around for over a century, but now thanks to mobile devices, Crossword puzzles have been revamped and they are attracting a new generation of fans. The apps that you will find here, will let you put your skills to works as you solve crosswords, anywhere you are.

Penny Dell Crosswords

Penny Dell Crosswords brings you daily fun crossword puzzles that can be solved on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You can find easy, medium and difficult puzzles and there are over 100 options in each level. The crosswords are collected from Dell Magazine and Penny Press, which are the leading publishers of crossword puzzle magazines. You can get useful tips and clues and there are optional packs that offer even more crosswords to choose from.

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Crossword Puzzle Free – Redstone

You can give your brain a workout with the entertaining crossword puzzles that this app brings. Crossword Puzzle by Redstone gives you access to an extensive collection of crosswords and it supports features that will help you to solve all the crosswords available. If you are struggling with a clue, you can get word suggestions. It is also possible to see errors. In addition, thanks to the offline mode, you can play even if you don’t have an internet connection.

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Crossword Quiz

Conversion has transformed classic crosswords, making them a unique and engaging solution to keep you entertained for hours. Crossword Quiz uses three kinds of clues: emoji combinations, photos and traditional word description. It allows you to exercise your memory, language and analytical skills. You can earn coins and use them to get hints when you can’t find the answer. It adds fun to crossword puzzles and it offers many additional options like Technology, Fashion and TV shows categories available as in-app purchases.

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Crossword Cryptic Lite

If you are looking for a true challenge, you should give this app from Teazel a try. It features professional cryptic crossword puzzles that will keep you guessing. Experienced crossword fans will find different levels and the app also offers options like the possibility of highlighting mistakes, answer checking and cheats. There are over 20 free puzzles in the Lite version, but you can unlock over 180 professional crosswords if you upgrade to the paid version.


Daily Celebrity Crossword

If you are an expert in the world of entertainment and celebrities, this is the right option for you. The crossword puzzles are designed to feature current events and there are different themes everyday. The team behind Daily Celebrity Crossword has extensive experience creating crossword puzzles for some of the most prestigious publications in the world. This app will save you when you are facing a long commute or need something that helps you to pass the time.

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Crossword Light

Crossword Light by Stand Alone gives you the possibility of playing crosswords while you are on the go and without the need of a pen. The app brings crossword puzzles from different newspapers directly to your iOS or Android device. You can get hints, see clues and keep track of your progress. The free version of the app provides over 40 puzzles, but to get access to more options, you can upgrade to the full version.

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World’s Biggest Crossword

AppyNation challenges you to solve a crossword of epic proportions. This handcrafted puzzle features more than 350 crossword grids and over 7000 clues. There are many secrets to reveal and challenges to overcome. In order to solve this puzzle successfully, you will need to complete each individual puzzle, solve the thousands of clues it offers, complete more than 50 quests and much more. It makes the game very interesting.

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NYTimes Crossword

The NYTimes is one of the most popular newspapers in the world and it offers crosswords that can help you to overcome boredom, whenever needed. Now, thanks to the app you will be able to enjoy the same crossword puzzles available in the printed newspaper. You can get the app for free and enjoy access to new puzzles everyday, for one week. After that, you can subscribe to continue getting a new crossword puzzle each day.

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Crossword US

Crossword US by Teazel provides an extensive selection of US-style professional crosswords that will keep you entertained in your spare time. If you are stuck or don’t feel sure about the answer you entered, you can rely on features like clues and answer checking. There are 27 free puzzles available and you can get more through in-app purchases.

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If you are stuck on a crossword, Lexeme by Mathew Finn is the ideal choice as it will help you to complete crossword puzzles and solve anagrams. Its simple syntax has been especially designed for your Android device. It searches for words and phrases when letters are missing. It also features a thesaurus that can be used to filter search results for a specific meaning.


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