Best Drawing Apps for Android

Thanks to technology, you no longer need to have pencil and paper at hand in order to create beautiful sketches. Digital art offers new and exciting possibilities and it has become an option for those who wish to unleash their creativity, no matter where they are. There are apps that allow Android users to stay in touch with their artistic side while they are on the go. With the drawing apps in our list, you will be able to create fantastic artwork in a practical way.

SketchBook – Draw and Paint

Autodesk brings us a fantastic app with a smart, easy to use interface that will suit professional artists, as well as beginners. If you love to draw, this app will be your companion as it offers advanced, fluid tools. SketchBook lets you create anything from small doodles, to impressive works of art. It offers options like time-lapse recording so you can capture video of your creative process using the app. You can share your progress with friends and family via social media networks. You can import your traditional artwork and color it in SketchBook. Like other apps in the list, the app aims to give you a natural, realistic drawing experience on your Android device.


The official Sketch app from Sony offers a lot of options that let you release your creativity. You will be able to create beautiful sketches and personalize your photos with stickers and other features. You can publish your sketches and invite your friends to collaborate in art projects. Creating something with others can be a fun and unique experience. The app is intuitive, user-friendly and will give you many options to reach your creative potential. With Sketch, you can create while you are on the go because the pencil, magic brushes and all its tools will allow you to start from scratch. You can also import your photos to adjust them and add effects. It also allows you to access other users’ sketches. Sketch is fantastic and it can be downloaded for free.


You don’t need to be a professional or talented artist to enjoy painting. Apps like Paperless by Early Melon, make painting fun and easy. It gives you great control over the drawing process and you can adjust different aspects of your creation, including Opacity, Size, Smoothing and more. It features 6 drawing tools that allow you to let your creativity flow without restrictions. With Paperless, you can draw, paint, color, sketch or write and your work can be saved and easily organized. There are multiple tools to select and there is a wide range of colors to choose from. The app is easy to use and you can even share your creations on Facebook. It is available for $1.99


Created by Ambient Design, ArtRage is the ideal option for those who want to create realistic art on their Android devices. You can paint and draw with the help of an array of convenient tools taken directly from the desktop version of the software. There are convenient tools such as inking pen, oil brush and glitter, as well as a fantastic range of features like Fill Tool, Layer Blend Modes and an option that lets you add tracing and referencing images while you draw.

ArtRage is designed to help you feel like you are using real drawing materials and you can make changes on real life settings with thinners, auto-smoothing and other effects.Your ArtRage artwork can be transferred to your computer so you can make any necessary adjustments using the desktop software. It is available for $4.99.

How to Draw

If you are mainly interested in improving your drawing skills, Sweetfit Studios offers excellent solutions with a series of apps focused on helping you to become a proficient artist. There are different options that teach you in a simple and effective way, how to draw specific characters or how to become proficient in a particular technique. For instance, they have an app for aspiring tattoo artists who wish to learn the basics and there is also one app that will let you draw horses beautifully. Other options include, desserts, Halloween characters, Dogs, Flowers and Cars. While it would be handy to have all the options in one place, all the apps are free, highly rated and you can choose the ones you are interested in.

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