Best Drawing Games to Play in Your Browser

Description: Drawing games online are designed to entertain. No need to download, install or have a high-power gaming PC. Check out the best online pictionary alternatives

Apart from being the best way to pass the time, playing drawing games online has other advantages:

  1. Boost your creativity and quick thinking. Searching for the most optimal way to depict the word is a good brain exercise.
  2. Improve your spelling and vocabulary. Some of these titles are ideal tools to get students interested in the subject. Learning through online pictionary is one of the most effective methods.
  3. Encourage you to interact socially. Most of them have a built-in chat. It allows players to communicate and engage in interesting virtual discussions with friends or complete strangers.
  4. There’s no violence, just pure fun.

Top 10 Funniest Online Drawing Games


It’s not just one adventure. The same idea is implemented in several ways. Guess someone else’s picture for 60 seconds. Be the one who creates images for others to understand the word you’ve meant. Take part in a fun competition for free. Contestants from all over the world show off their talent. Either by copying an image, or painting a picture that describes a word. The results are rated, and the one with better skills wins scores. Or you can just do it for pleasure. LetsDrawIt pits players from all over the world. Or offers clever bots to compete with.

Skribbl IO

It’s a crazy multiplayer for those who are itching to draw. Highly competitive, it allows participants to take turns and use art instead of words. Pick a term from 3 options and use colored pencils to illustrate it. Apart from this, other players have another tip. They see how many letters they need. Every person with the right answer gets scores. But the fastest one receives more than the rest. It’s a very challenging activity. When it’s your turn, avoid painting the letters on the screen. It kills all the fun!


It’s a quick sketch guessing game that consists of 7 rounds. During which players try to understand what the painter means by typing the right word. Correct answers earn you points. And the faster you get it, the better your scores are. After the session is over, the winner gets XP for the best results. It’s fast-paced fun that allows you to practice your painting and spelling skills. Enjoy it with your friends in a private room. Or compete with random people. Create an account, choose an avatar and participate in daily challenges. 


The adventure looks like any other guessing game. While one is drawing, others use the in-built chat to write suggestions. But its design stands out from the crowd. It’s simple, with the main gaming elements in front of your eyes. The list of players, digital paper, a chat, and a timer. Each user is customized through their avatars. Create your own emoji before you dive into the round. Or choose from a set of ready-made ones. Communicate with other players, rate each other’s images, and laugh together.

Sketchful IO

Can you illustrate the word “Imagination” in 90 secs? Apart from the timer, there are only 2 limitations. Don’t use your brush to write letters on the board. It’ll spoil the game. And don’t swear in the chat, it’s rude. Armed with a brush, flood fill, and eraser, give as many guesses as you can. Get hooked by the creative activity. As well as by accidental conversations in the chat. It is possible to play this pictionary game online in more than 30 languages!

Draw a Stickman

Do as the title suggests. And then watch it come to life! Take part in virtual journeys together. Help the guy with the troubles by quickly drawing something. For example, a key to open a chest. A ladder to climb a tree. Or even a sword to fight a dragon! Each episode is a fully-packed adventure with unexpected endings. When you’re through, share the story with your friends. And take on the next chapter. The art game is available in the browser, App Store and Google Play.

Gartic IO

Get primed for more complicated gameplay in this multiplayer. You’ll deal with less obvious terms that are hard to depict. Letters, numbers, or symbols are forbidden. Other players can report on you if you fail to follow the rules. Here you won’t know how many letters to use. The winner is the person with 120 points, which you get for the right guesses. The title can become a perfect instrument for teachers to get students involved. And a way to learn new words and their spelling faster through gaming.


You don’t need to have any drawing skills to enjoy this social adventure. The crazier your pics are, the better. Play with friends by sharing the link. Or compete with random users. With only 60 seconds to see the intended word, drag the letters to spell it. Each session consists of several rounds. After you’re through, it’s time to calculate the scores. And see your rating among the users. It’s so satisfying to be the first on the list!


It’s another decent online pictionary title. No bots, only real people with unique imaginations. And creative ideas about how to show what they have in mind. Launch it to see how many people are online in many of the public rooms. Choose the one to your liking or create your own, public or private. With max. 16 people, it’s fun to dive in with pals. Just share the link, wait for everyone to join, and paint 1 of the words you’re offered. Compete in turns and have more scores after 3 rounds than your rivals to win.

Quick, Draw!

Tired of guessing? Then it’s time to train a neural to find the right word. This cool game from Google learns to understand what you draw. And it’s already pretty skillful thanks to interactions with thousands of users! The drill is simple. You’re given 20 seconds and a word to draw. This repeats 6 times in total. Before each session, you decide when to click to continue. Use these moments to think about how to illustrate an object to make it clear. In the end, you see all your pictures with signs showing guesses and misses. 
Try these popular browser-based drawing games. They’re a great alternative to the classic pastime with real pencils. A digital format with top-notch graphics and constantly updated content makes them highly hooking. And a pleasure to be lost in. If you’d like to try other genres, check out the selection of the best browser games.

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