10 Best Dungeon Crawler Games

Dungeon Crawling has almost become a genre on its own, due to its use as a central game mechanic for RPGs. As a mechanic, it’s both deep and complex, allowing develops to create specific instances where players can go to challenge themselves. So what if you’re looking for a bunch of Dungeon Crawler Games? Well, we’ve handily compiled a list for you, so enjoy yourself!


Best Dungeon Crawler Games


10. Nox – (PC)


Included in our list ‘Top 5 Games Like Diablo’ and for good reason, Nox takes an interesting twist to traditional RPG storytelling. You see, there are only 3 classes for the game, and yet each class has its own tailored story for you to play through. So really, even though it’s a pretty old game by today’s standards, it has good replayability and a strong narrative to keep you hooked.


9. Gothic Series – (Multiple Platforms)

Gothic 3

While also a bit of an old series, Gothic is a really great entry into the list. One of the original RPG dungeon crawlers, this series should challenge you quite a bit, even if you’re an experienced dungeon crawler. While the latest entry, Arcania: Gothic 4, isnt’ that good, Gothic 1-3 are, and are a must for any fan of RPGs and Dungeon Crawlers.


8. Titan’s Quest – (PC)

Titan Quest

Another game included in our ‘Top 5 Games Like Diablo’, Titan’s Quest is a pretty good representation of what Diablo would be like if it was sent in ancient Egypt, Greece and Asia. Fighting mythical monsters with a deep item and class system, this game has a lot of different mobs to fight. If you’re also a fan of Diablo, then it’s intense similarity to you is a bonus!


7. Baldur’s Gate – (PC, Mac, Linux)


Baldur’s Gate is one of the seminal and best RPGs and Dungeon Crawlers out there. While the game is still a little bit old, and might be a bit jarring to younger gamers, it’s still a great game with solid mechanics. So if you can overlook the graphics, this is one of the grand-daddy’s of RPGs, and a must play for any die-hard RPG gamers.


6. Demon’s Souls – (PlayStation 3)

Demon's Souls

While it’s not often that you find good RPG games on the consoles, Demon’s Souls manages to overcome the hurdle of platform disconnect and deliver a really good experience. For those of you who are fan’s of Dark Souls, then you should already know that this game is a spiritual predecessor, in which case, you know what to expect. If you haven’t played Dark Souls, then I would suggest you start with Demon’s Souls and work your way up to Dark Souls 3 . . . . of course, that’s only if you dare.


5. Neverwinter Nights – (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Neverwinter Nights

If you’re a fan of D&D then you’re going to love Never Winter Nights. Released by the famed Bioware, this fantasy RPG offers a lot of great story and gameplay depth. It is a bit dated, but again, if you’re a fan of RPGs, then this is a great little historical trip into some old school RPG and dungeon crawling.


4. Dungeon Siege 3 – (Multiple Platforms)

Dungeon Siege 3

Most of Dungeon Siege 3’s reason for being on this list is that it’s an updated version of Dungeon Siege 3. Unfortunately, in and of itself, it isn’t anything innovative, but the franchise itself is well considered for the innovations it brought to RPG and dungeon crawling gaming. So, if you’ve never played any Dungeon Siege games, then head straight for this one, otherwise, the only reason to get it is for the updated graphics.


3. Dragon Age Series – (Multiple Platforms)


Dragon Age 1 was a really seminal game, and made some really big waves at the time for its interesting narrative and gameplay mechanics. Unfortunately, Dragon Age 2 dropped the ball somewhat, and is considered an inferior installment to the franchise. Thankfully for all us gamers Dragon Age 3 picked up the ball again and brought back the innovation and story the franchise is known for.

We’ve actually included this game on another listicle here: ’15 Best Games Like Skyrim’, if that helps your decision to play or not to play. If you do though, ultimately I would suggest playing all three, even though number 2 isn’t that great, it’s still part of the overarching story, which is really good.


2. Diablo series – (Multiple Platforms)


We have a whole listicle dedicated to Diablo: ‘Top 5 Games Like Diablo’ (We’ve linked to it 2 times already!) and for good reason. The first Diablo game is probably one of the progenitors of modern RPG and dungeon crawling games. Diablo II, while not making as big an impact as the first title did, is still a really good game, with some new aspects to the dungeon crawling mechanics and the loot system. Finally, you have Diablo III, which is a great game, but again, nothing much better than the second, other than focusing the gameplay on looting rather than anything else.

Honestly, if you haven’t played the original Diablo, you should, otherwise the gods of gaming will not see you kindly.


1. The Witcher Series – (Multiple Platforms)

The Witcher

The Witcher series of games is, in a world, incredible. For me personally, it’s always been the Game of Thrones of gaming, and is an incredibly rich world, with great combat and compelling story and characters. The first witcher game might be a bit slow for most, but if you’re alright with the old-school slow-paced style of RPGs and Dungeon Crawlers, then this game will definitely make you fall in love. The second game is just as good, massively improving on the first, and really pushing the definition of RPG and Dungeon Crawling, as well as setting new standards.

The Witcher 3 almost doesn’t need to have anything said about it. We’ve actually included it in one of our lists ‘Best Game of 2015’, so if you don’t know anything about it, you can get an understanding of how good it is. I would say that even if you aren’t an RPG or Dungeon Crawling fan, you should still play this game for how beautiful, deep and engrossing it is.


So what do you think? Are there any other games that should be in the list? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Some very good Dungeon Crawlers are:
    — Tower of Time
    — Vaporum
    — Legend of Grimrock and Legend of Grimrock 2
    All 4 are definitely worth your time.

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