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Although Mac offers its own Mail app, some users may feel that it is lacking some options that they need. Gmail offers practical functionality and it is very popular around the world thanks to its impressive capacity and ease of use. If you use Gmail and need delete and archive features, or if you are simply looking for a wider selection of options than the ones available with Mac’s default email solution, you will find here some great alternatives that you can try. Here are the most convenient apps that you can use to manage your emails on Mac.

Airmail 3

The latest version of Airmail offers impressive functionality and it works pretty much with every type of account. This email client created by Bloop supports Gmail, Yahoo, AOL,,, iCloud, IMAP, POP3 and more. With Airmail, you can easily manage a single, or multiple accounts seamlessly. It offers ease of use, advanced design with solid performance and it has been optimized for macOS Sierra. Airmail is powerful, efficient and its current version is set to allow you to enjoy a user-friendly experience. One of the strongest points of this email client is the customization options that it offers. It is possible to personalize the interface with a varied selection of themes and column styles. You can archive and delete emails easily, and there are many practical features that make the process of handling your emails quick and simple. Airmail supports multiple cloud storage services including Dropbox and Google Drive. You can download it for $9.99.


Exchange accounts are widely used and the Outlook app for Mac, offers convenient features and a seamless performance. Outlook makes things simple and allows you to organize all your accounts to manage your communications in a smart way. You can separate your personal and work accounts and access Exchange options like tasks, calendar and events. It also supports other mail accounts, allowing you to manage all your email communications in one place. It supports iCloud and while it is not as feature rich as Airmail, it is ideal for users who need to use Exchange on a daily basis. It is available for free when you have an Office 365 subscription.

Nylas N1

This is a fantastic solution for your work email as it offers advanced options and strong integration features. Nylas N1 offers an uncluttered, straightforward interface that allows you to get easy access to the functions that you need. You can set shortcuts to your favorite email accounts and the app offers supports for Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange and of course, Apple Mail. N1 also works with plugins so you can for instance, enable the templates plugin to save email templates that you use very often. It is also possible to use plugins that translate your outgoing messages to different languages and much more. Since N1 has a developer option that is open source, you can find a vast selection of plugins available or even create your own one. The developer version is available for free, while the Pro version, which offers cloud syncing for an unlimited number of accounts, costs $7 per month. There is also an option in development for teams that need collaboration features.

Mail Pilot 2

Mindsense has created an innovative email solution that boosts the performance of your inbox. It has a simple, yet appealing design that lets you handle your email without hassle. If you want to improve your productivity and organize your schedule in a more effective way, you can rely on Mail Pilot 2. Mail Pilot lets you set aside emails so that you can get back to them at a later stage. Additionally, it gives you the possibility of setting a reminder for those emails to make sure that you check them at a time specified by you. If preferred, you can choose to have no reminders at all and the emails will simply stay in that section until you check them and delete them. Mail Pilot 2 provides practical keyboard shortcuts that can be viewed when you right click on any email. The shortcuts allow you to read or organize your emails using your keyboard instead of the mouse. Mail Pilot 2 supports many email accounts including Outlook. It costs $9.99.

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