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LED lights have been a great innovation which most of us find useful and efficient. The great news about this innovation is that it has been continuously improved. In fact, there are now more useful options which we could do with our LED lights other than just a simple light source. Yes, for those who haven’t explore more about LED lights, this article is for you. In this article, we shall provide you a list of the best flame light bulb. That is right, LED technology has now evolved into flame light bulb. They are very affordable and they are very popular especially during Halloween.

Things to Consider

What is Socket and Bulb Size?

When you are choosing a light bulb, no matter what type, including flame effect light bulbs, you will have to check and consider the socket size as they come in different sizes. Hence, when it comes to effect light bulb, we suggest for you to have a smaller E12/E14 candle bulb. Though this is highly recommended, there could be situations when it would not fit your requirements. Hence, we suggest, before purchasing, ensure to check this category.

There are also some affordable light bulbs that come in E27 size which would make it bulky but more realistically looking. This is not a bad thing but rather you will have to check it out as it could limit your space.

How bright are LED flame light bulbs?

Flame light bulbs are dimmer than a normal light bulb. The reason behind this is because for the light bulb to look like a flame, it would need different levels of brightness. Hence, with flame light bulbs, they would have a range of 80 to 300 lumens of brightness.

Are the flame light bulbs dimmable?

Unfortunately, most of them are not but if you wish one that is dimmable, you could try to check out LIFX candle Color.

Do you want flame all the time?

Though that the LED flame effect is cool, it is not something you would want permanently. There are times when you would want for your light to be steady. Do not worry as there are modes which you could choose from time to time.

Does the flame effect work upside down?

Realistically, flames go upwards and most LED bulbs usually have the effect that would start from the socket which would ten go towards the tip. There are some LED flame effect bulbs which could automatically detect and switch orientation.

Best Smart Flame Bulb

LIFX Candle Color


  • Supports Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortona
  • Dimmable through app or smart home
  • WiFi, no hub required
  • 26 blended color zones
  • Not that bright
  • E12/14

The LIFX candle color is smart technology. In fact, it seems to be the only smart option for flame light bulb. It comes with multiple simultaneous colors and has 26 separate color zones. You could blend them together if you wish to.

This candle color bulb comes with LIFX app which allows you to apply different animated effects including but not limited to flame, spooky, candle and use preset colors. This bulb’s light is not very bright just like with most of the flame light bulbs. The reason behind this is due to the effect that it needs to portray.

E26 LED Flame Bulb


  • Solid, Flame and breathing modes
  • 3W Bright flame 600 lumens
  • Flame mode is default
  • Gravity sensor inverts
  • E26/27 only
  • Does not have smart features

This LED light only uses 3 watts and yet it could produce a very realistic flame effect. It also has a gravity sense which allows it to automatically switch the direction of the flame effect. It uses E27 socket which is a bit large in terms of its canister. Though this is the case, it is able to portray better flame effect. This flame effect bulb has the ability to change its default flame mode to steady light or even slow pulsing through the use of its toggling light switch.

E12 Flame Bulb


  • Flame, Steady and pulsing mode
  • Vintage look
  • Low energy usage
  • 110- 240 volts

This one is a great option for those who are looking for bulb size E21/E14. This bulb type does not come with gravity sensing abilities which means you will have to install them upright. Unfortunately, you will not have the same light output and the flame effect would not be too noticeable due to the size of the bulb. Though that is the case, it consumes low power and could last over 50,000 hours. It is shatter, shock and vibration resistant as well.

Battery Powered Flame Lamp

Portable Flame Effect Lamp

  • Battery powered
  • 150 lumens
  • Gravity sensor inverts
  • Steady, pulsing and flame modes
  • Charges via USB
  • IP44 rating for outdoor use

Though this is not a light bulb, we have included this in our list due to its same flame effect. This one comes with high customer rating and looks amazing. It is considered as a salt lamp and it supports, steady, pulsing and flame modes. It has the ability to detect gravity and could animate the flame correctly even when it is inverted. It could be charged through USB and could last about 4 hours on a full charge. It is IP44 rated which means you will be able to use it outdoors as well.

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