Best Free FTP Client Apps for Android

To move from your personal desktop to a smartphone or tablet would require and demand the availability of major applications on your mobile/tablet devices. Fortunately, developers and professionals have been working on different projects that are needed to exchange files on different servers. One of the ways to do this is through FTP client apps.

FTP client apps for Android works similarly to FileZilla software used on desktops to upload and download files from its host server. It allows you to do all the File Manager tasks from your Android phone even without the help of your desktop or laptop.

What is FTP?

FTP means File Transfer Protocol. It is used to be able to access all your files remotely on your host server. Through this, you will also be able to access your PC desktop’s hard drive files using your Android FTP clients. This could be done by configuring your FTP server on your PC and your router.

Best FTP Clients

1. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a full-fledged file manager specially created for Android. It comes with numerous storage options and is best for those who does not have any smartphone pre-installed file manager. It could send media files and apps through WiFi to other phone devices. In addition to that, this FTP client comes with the following features:

  • Could work as FTP and WebDAV client
  • Could access your files on your PC through your smartphone via WiFi and SMB.
  • Could access cloud storage remotely from, SugarSync, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Yandex.

2. AndFTP FTP Client App

AndFTP is not only an FTP client but also is a FTPS, SCP and SFTP client for Android mobile phones. This app supports FTP configurations and includes FTP file browser. It also offers synchronization feature or option on its Pro version. This FTP client app also comes with the following features:

  • Could connect and open local and remote FTP servers
  • Supports SSH RSA/DSA keys
  • Allows downloading, uploading, synchronization and sharing features with resume support.
  • It could rename, remotely update permissions of files and delete.
  • Could run custom commands

3. Turbo FTP Client and SFTP Client

The Turbo FTP Client is a great app which has the ability to connect to your host server to access files and documents in a fast and easy server maintenance. Its interface is simple and straightforward and you will never be confused in using this app. Aside from that, this app supports FTP, FTPES, FTPS.

Turbo FTP Client and SFTP Client offers the following features:

  • Support Smartphones and tablets
  • Comes in many languages
  • Has cool themes and material icons
  • Its passwords are encrypted
  • Moveable on SD card
  • Everything you do on your local files could also be done on remote
  • Comes with Samsung Multiview support
  • Supports private key and passphrase

4. Web Tools Site Manager: FTP, SSH, HTTP

Web Tools is an FTP client app and a multifunctional tool that is used for managing websites. This tool could check the availability of IP addresses, test new features of a website and manage the server with telnet and ssh client. This app is perfect for system administrators and web developers.

This app comes with the following features:

  • Has the ability to test HTTP
  • Could ping to check the availability of IP address
  • Could work as a source code editor
  • SSH client
  • Could check your internet speed
  • FTP and SFTP client

5. FtpCafe FTP Client

FtpCafe is a simple FTP client for Android devices. It offers basic and few advanced tasks that could manage remote server files. It also has FTP, FTPS, both implicit and explicit FTP over SSL and SFTP. In addition to that, it also has a password login, ConnectBot private key and RSA/DSA OpenSSL. Moreover, this app could transfer multiple file and directory

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