Best Free Go Locker Themes for Android

Customization flexibility and ease of use are some of the main advantages enjoyed by Android users. There are different ways to modify and enhance an Android device with the help of themes, live wallpapers, launcher apps and more. Go Locker is a popular personalization option for Android. There is a great variety of themes available to customize it and in this article, you will find out which are the best ones.

GO Locker Start Heart (Gray)

This grayscale theme doesn’t feature adds or other disruptions and it is a fully functional solution. Available for free, Start Heart is an appealing and stylish background that features thousands of moving stars that shine through a big heart. It offers crystal clear animation and large and easy to read clock. It allows you to check unread messages and see missed calls easily.

Locker Technology

This is a Go Locker theme with a great design that focuses on portarying an image of future technology. It has four easy to access functions with the four-key. Its interactive circle lets you see if the phone has to be charged. There are over 40 different language translations available for the menu.

(FREE) Multi GO Locker Theme offers a beautiful locker theme that supports multiple functions. You can easily check your to-do-list on the lock screen. It also features a stylish display that lets you see the time, date and battery information. The theme lets you access the Camera, Phone and SMS functions easily.

(FREE) Meteors GO Locker Theme

This simple theme for GO Locker includes a live wallpaper with a style based on highptechnology. It is completely free and you can use it without any hassle. With Meteors by, you will be able to access your favorite apps and see notifications of missed calls and unread messages easily.

(FREE) Chosen GO Locker Theme

If you want a theme that offers an appealing color scheme with a stylish design, you may want to get Chosen by It comes with several informative widgets and controls. It also gives you access to weather forecasts and the music player. It is simple and it offers a futuristic look.

(FREE) Ocean GO Locker Theme

Here is another option created by and it will impress you with its straightforward and clean interface that features amazing wallpapers with soothing ocean landscapes. This theme for GO Locker shows notifications of missed calls, unread messages, battery status, as well as weather information. You can add your own photos as wallpapers to customize the theme to match your own style.

(FREE) Album GO Locker Theme

The simple and smooth design of Album theme will appeal many GO Locker users. It displays battery and weather information. You can change the main photo to suit your preferences. Overall, Album Locker Theme has a great appearance and it is another good option to customize your Go Locker experience.

(FREE) Blossom GO Locker Theme

This is another great theme specially designed for GO Locker. It offers a clean interface with stunning wallpapers. It is possible to customize it to suit your style by adding your own photos as wallpapers. You also get instant notifications of missed calls and unread messages.

Star Path GO Locker Theme

Tap Free Games brings a beautiful theme for Go Locker that is free to use and that offers an innovative appearance. Its sparking stars with beautiful and stylish background allows you to access all the main functions easily.

GO Locker eNUnit Theme

This amazing lock screen features a smooth animated background with great atomic power core. Its clock is easy to read and the theme also has animated charge indicator. The indicators for unread SMS and missed calls are fast and easy to use. The theme also comes with buttons that can be customized for your favorite apps.

Sense Pink Go Locker Theme

Created by LF. PRODEV, Sense Pink Go Locker is an option with a fantastic background and if you love Oink, it is the option you need to go for. The theme supports practically all languages and it offers convenient fast buttons to access your music, camera, calls and messages.

Go Locker Theme Cjp Zing

This theme created by Tap Free Games is specially designed to work with Go Locker and it has been optimized to offer the best results. It has been revamped and its design is very beautiful. With the Go Locker Theme Cjp Zing, you can see the data and time without hassle. You also get quick access to camera, calls and messages.

(FREE) Green Glow GO Locker

Once again, offers a great option for GO Locker. This time,, the theme focuses on a green glow that provides a very cool background. The lock screen looks very good and you get instant notifications of the calls you have missed and the messages that you haven’t read. The app also gives you quick access to music player on the lock screen.

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