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Best free handwriting fonts for designers

One of the things that you can do to ensure that your content is unique is to use handwriting fonts. Designers rely on them to create striking logos and highlight quotes on websites. Handwriting fonts may not be the best option when it comes to handling corporate documentation or for professional content writing companies like EssayService. However, they are ideal for personal blogs, art websites, comics, food menus, custom stickers and labels design, enamel pins design, advertisements, and any area that focuses on creativity. Handwriting fonts allow you to add a special touch to a project and it is even possible to create your own fonts without having to pay a fee. In this list, you will find free handwriting fonts that can be used for commercial purposes. There is a selection of new options, as well as classics.

As cute as

As the name says, this is a cute font that comes in four weights (regular, bold, heavy and semibold). It supports diacritical marks, as well as extended characters such as numerals and accents and there’s also a “Comic” version available for download separately.

Teen Idle

This casual script features thin lines that are highlighted with an overwrite effect. It looks like real handwriting and it is also very appealing, which makes it a good option for titles and image captions.

Antique Books

Elegant and easy to read, Antique Books is a great option for those who prefer fine calligraphy. It feature thin and straight lines.


Handschrift features thin lines that look like they were written using a fine pen. It is easy to read, simple and will be a great way to make your image captions and titles interesting.


This informal handwriting font was created by the Indian Type Foundry. It can be used for Latin and Devanagari scripts and it is designed to look great on screens. Kalam stands out for being slightly slanted and it will be suitable for main titles, as well as block quotes.

My Style

If you want to portray an informal style that is bold, clear and perfect for notes and image captions on content aimed at younger audiences, My Style could be the best choice. The font is neat and bold, and it will remind you of writing with a marker or a felt tip pen.

Shrag Script

Shrag Script is a good looking option that is also very versatile. It can be used on a wide variety of designs thanks to its simple, attractive and friendly look. It is also neat and easy to read.

DP Dork Diary

If you are looking for a fun, appealing font, try DP Dork Diary. This easy to read handwriting option is great for notes and captions and will allow you to add a personal touch to your content. It is a perfect choice for personal blogs.

Alex Brush

Alex Brush is great for those who prefer something more elegant and formal. It is a cursive handwriting font that is ideal for invitations, fancy restaurant menus and more. It is readable and will add a touch of sophistication to your text.

Black Jack

This informal handwriting font is light, simple and fresh. Its unique lowercase T is one of the reasons why it stands apart from other fonts. While Black jack is one of the options that has been around for longer, it is still highly popular.

Mervale Script

Mervale stands out for its unique retro feeling that is ideal for content that focuses on nostalgia. It will be a great choice for professional websites, magazines and more, and it delivers a smooth flow combined with both wide and thin brush strokes.


Inspired in the lettering style used on handmade ceramic plates created in Andalusia, Sevillana is a cursive handwriting with backslanted design and small curlicues. The font takes its name from the folk music style that is highly popular in Seville, Spain.

Nicola Tesla’s handwriting

Based on actual document and notes by prominent scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, this handwriting font will certainly add an edge to your content. It is slanted, readable and it is quite unique, If you are a fan of Nikola Tesla, this is the fond for you.

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel is suitable for different purposes thanks to its versatile design. It can be used for logos, titles, quotes, image captions and more. It works well both for contemporary designs and for those that will benefit from a retro look.


Yellowtail features a noticeable slanted design and it supports @font-face embedding, which is very practical for designers. It is possible to select subsets, as well as font formats when you are downloading it.


This brush script font has bold strokes and it offers support for accents. It is an eye-catching font that can be used fro headlines or titles on multiple types of websites.


Belepotan has a touch of Oriental inspiration and it features bold strokes that give the feeling of handwriting using a permanent marker. Belepotan uses accents and it features small caps. There is an Italic version available for download.


Oneer is an innovative and attractive font that features thick strokes and underlined/overlined caps. It gives the impression of text that was freshly painted using a brush and it works on different cases. With Oneer, your content will quickly capture the attention of your audience.

Dancing Script

This casual handwriting font brings together thin and thick lines to support a calligraphy effect. It works well for retro and informal designs as well. You can find it on Google Web Fonts in tow styles: bold and normal.

Anke Calligraphic

Anke Calligraphic supports accents and it features optimized kerning, as well as an appealing, one of a kind look. It would be a good choice for signatures, notes and greeting cards.


What makes Rundkursiv different from other formal handwriting fonts is that it features ornate strokes, which add an elegant and timeless look. It is ideal for quotes and it includes extended characters, as well as accents.

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