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Best free monogram fonts for designers

Monograms are large letters that can be used to add a personal touch to your designs. There is a wide variety of free fonts and while you could use any of them to create monograms, you may be better off picking an option that is specifically designed for that. They are ideal for making your business cards, brochures and other documents stand out, or you can use them to create beautiful invitations for special occasions. Monograms also allow you to personalize your website and in this list, you will find a great selection of options that will suit different purposes.


Although it is more basic than other options available, FreeMonogram is another fantastic font that will immediately grab your attention thanks to its beautiful design. It will add a beautiful look to your wedding invitations and embroidery.

Apex Lake

Apex Lake is a Victorian inspired monogram with stylish looks and great readability, It features a double frame around each letter and it provides an elegant and clear design. It is perfect for content focused on Literature or History, but would also look great in other cases.

Trajanus Bricks

There are many monograms with a classic style, but if you prefer a monogram that is modern and that features a geometric design, TrajanusBricks may be worth a try. It is available in two versions and while the uppercase characters have a border around them, while the lowercase doesn’t, which adds an appealing look to your content.

Square Caps

Although Square Caps is also fairly simple and has less glyphs than other fonts, the beautiful illustrated background featured on the uppercase characters, will make your content come to life. Each illustration is different and since Square Caps will transport you to a fairy tale world, it is a great choice for photo books, short stories compilations and more.

Henry Morgan Hand

If you prefer a design that is simple, but that will also add elegance to your content, Henry Morgan Hand can be the best choice. Handwriting fonts adds are ideal for invitations and cards. Henry Morgan Hand is perfect for any project that requires a human touch.

Rothenburg Decorative

If you are looking for a design that brings a Gothic feel and that will make your text more noticeable, Rothenburg Decorative is the one that you should go for. It is a fantastic traditional monogram font and it will be perfect for any design that is related to History.


Exmouth is a great looking monogram font that is suitable for both websites and printed projects. This classic monogram font is slanted and it has both thin and thick lines that comes together to create a stylish handwriting effect.


Sortefax features a good variety of characters and it is available in three different styles. All of them are quite appealing and are noted for their combination of thin swashes and thick strokes. Sortefax is perfect for initials and titles.


Preciosa is a charming font that combines flowery decorations and thick strokes. Each character features detailed decorations that add a beautiful touch to invitations and books. It is easy to read and will look great in a variety of projects.


This geometric font is set to capture the attention of anyone, thanks to its strong, contemporary design. It is a pure display font that can be used at font sizes over 30 points. It is inspired on metalpress fonts such as Prisma, by Rudolf Koch.


If you have a DYI project, DaFont would be ideal thanks to its outline effect that can be easily transferred onto fabrics. It will also work well for digital documents and websites. If you are looking for a vintage design, DaFont is a great solution.

Freebooter Script

Freebooter Script features detailed swashes and it is a superb option for any content that would look better with a traditional monogram font. It is easy to read and it can be used to write complete paragraphs or only initials. It comes with additional characters.


There are multiple styles available and Itsadzoke also supports many extended characters. It is visually appealing and looks great in titles, initials and more. Itsadzoke stands out thanks to the way in which it combines lowercase and uppercase characters.

Lovers Quarrel

The rich swashes featured on the uppercase characters, give Lovers Quarrel a beautiful look that will make monograms and invitations truly memorable. In spite of the name, this font will be a good choice for wedding stationery.


Sail is easy to read and simple, which makes it very versatile. You can use it for titles, posters, brochures and much more. It looks great and it is another choice worth considering when it comes to monogram fonts.

Black Rose

Its retro, strong design has also a romantic touch and it will be suitable for cards, invitations and more. Black Rose is beautiful, easy to read and it has a clean design that will suit a wide variety of designs.

Debonair Inline

This outstanding font is known for its clear, even lines that offer a geometric and retro design that will look great in a variety of projects. It is visually appealing and easy to read.


Elegant and simple, Riesling is a monogram font that will capture your attention with its clean design that is perfect for titles, posters, brochures and other material that has to capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

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