Best Games Like Civilization

Civilization is a game that breaks the mold when it comes to grand strategy, empire building and 4x gaming. It has set trends and innovations for years now and has been one of the most popular franchises in the genre. Of course, it’s hard to compete with all of that, but we’ll try anyway, so check out our quick list of other really good games like Civilization.


Top Games Like Civilization


5. Galactic Civilizations Series

Galactic Civilizations

Galactic Civilization is one of those games of those games that focus a lot on the simulation, and the AI in the series is probably one of the best that you’ll find in gaming. Each play through is different, with randomized maps, randomized AIs, and even randomized tech-trees. If this is your first glance at Galactic Civilization, then you should aim for the second installment as a starting point, as you may find it slightly more familiar.


4. Endless Space

Endless Space

This game is a recent release, meaning that you’re going to find some really spectacular graphics and gameplay elements. Brining the 4x gameplay of Civilization, Endless Space takes you off planets and into the darkness of . . . well space. It has its own unique battle system that relies on ability choices at the planning stage, with the battle itself carried out automatically.

It’s a great game if you’re yearning for a modern space-themed, civilization-like game.


3. The Anno Series

Anno Series

If you’re more interested in the economic side of Civilization, than this game is definitely for you. The Anno series themselves span from medieval times to many centuries into the future, meaning you can find at least something to your taste. Most of the gameplay revolves around building your empire and controlling the chain of production, from harvesting to processing.

Of course, you can also build up a military and take on enemy AI, but the best way to complete any level is the deep quest and story system. While The Anno series might not appeal to everybody, it’s still a strong 4x series, especially if you enjoy the economic and building aspects more than anything else. In this way, it’s more similar to Civilization than most games you’ll find.


2. Age of Empires series

Age of Empires

While this isn’t a turn-based game like Civilization, it still hits all the right spots in empire building. The games themselves take place in historical times in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and can start in the Stone Age go up until the Iron Age. The game battles are a lot of fun, with the troop combat feeling quite realistic. The series generally has a good balance between base building and going out and fighting, so you can follow different strategies as you play.

If you’re in the market for a Civilization-like game, the Age of Empire series are a great option.


1. Total War Series

Total War

You can’t look for a game similar to Civilization without mentioning the Total War series. We even have an article on the most similar games to Total War and Civilization falls under it. Considered one of the best grand strategy and 4x games, there’s lots to be had in this franchise, taking you to the ancient worlds of Roma, Japan and Europe. There’s also a recent installment featuring the Warhammer series, so there’s a plus in there for Warhammer fans.

There’s really too much to say about Total War to cover here, suffice to say that the combat is excellent and the empire building tons of fun!


What do you think of our list? Are there any more games that deserve the spot? Let us know in the comments!

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