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Battle Royale genre originated from the 2000’s Takeshi Kitano movie Battle Royale. It became a cultural phenomenon after release of Fortnite and games like PUBG. In the first two years, this game attracted over 250 million players. In Fortnite, you can create unique characters and participate in battles against 99 players on a large-scale island. All of them have the same purpose – kill everyone to become the last man standing. Though the title is incredibly popular, you may wish more realistic visuals or less challenging gameplay. Here are the best Fortnite alternatives.

PUBG Mobile

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is the biggest Fortnite`s competitor across all platforms. The latest report by Tencent and PUBG Corporation says that the game has surpassed 400 million downloads on mobile devices. PUBG provides more realistic warfare simulation than Fortnite. It combines TPS and FPS genres so that you could experience it most conveniently. There are four maps of different size. Each of them requires you to adopt specific playstyle and survive against 99-119 enemies. You can team up with up to 3 players as well. 

Call of Duty: Mobile 

Call of Duty: Mobile is a brand new early-access Battle Royale. Tencent games together with Activision developed this free-to-play mobile shooter to attract fans of hit titles, such as Call of Duty Black Ops and Call of Duty Modern Warfare to mobile platforms. This game is a compilation of fan-favorite maps, weapons, characters, and gameplay features in a massive multiplayer environment. It also presents an astonishing quality of graphics. Though the full version hasn’t been released yet, the beta has been already optimized for flagship Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S9. Ultra settings may drop down frame rate from time to time, but the overall experience is unbelievable. PUBG Mobile and Fortnite can’t boast with such high detalization level and physically relevant shooting simulation.

Garena Free Fire

It may be difficult to distinguish Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile on some screenshots. Yes, Garena developers, 111dots Studio, drew inspiration from the big brother, but their franchise has many gameplay differences. First of all, it offers you much more casual gameplay. There’s only a TPS mode, and it’s very easy to aim. Players of Free Fire are usually fans of unhurried matches. Secondly, its system requirements are quite low, so you can launch it on old devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

Knives Out

The creators of Knives Out also preferred to use PUBG as a role model. The difference between the two games are mostly cosmetic, but it’s also slightly less hardcore. You can ride vehicles to explore the map, cooperate with your friends, and master dozens of realistic guns. You may also choose this title from the others because of maps. Of course, the basic rural area is available, but you can also visit Tokyo. It’s a unique location for the genre. It brings in loads of new tactical opportunities and a fresh look to the franchise. You can also try another Battle Royale by the same studio, Rules of Survival. It offers similar gameplay, enhanced visuals, and more fast-paced matches. 

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

Azur Interactive Games Limited approached the mission to create a new Battle Royale with humor. They mixed the concept of PUBG with simple Minecraft-like visuals and landed square soldiers somewhere near South Park. This unhurried multiplayer shooter is a funny parody on the entire genre, but it’s still extremely addictive. Similarly to PUBG, you’re allowed to switch between FPS and TPS modes as well as to select and customize characters. You can play emo, doctor, pimp, welder, firefighter, luchador, hippy, and many more. 


Battle Royale genre doesn’t have strict guidelines, but the majority of mobile developers strive to create games that look like the most successful titles. Even though some games above may look like clones, they have unique gameplay balance, matchmaking solutions, optimization, and atmosphere. 

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