Best Gaming PC Builds Under $1000

Finding a good prebuilt gaming PC system is a bit difficult and frustrating. There are a lot of things you must consider when choosing one and one of the most important thing that you must consider is its price. In this article, we shall provide you a list of best gaming PC builds under $1000 which is perfect for those who are on a tight budget.

Best Gaming PC Builds Under $1000


This gaming PC runs on AMD Ryzen 3 processor and 16GB RAM which ensures that your PC is very responsive especially during gaming and streaming performance. As for its graphics card, this PC has AMD Radeon RX570 graphics card.

Graphics Card – AMD Radeon RX 570 graphics which is powered by 4GB dedicated video memory. It is very impressive and you could be assured that you would not experience running your games. This graphics card is priced at around $180 – $220.

Processor – AMD Ryzen 3 3100 3.6 Ghz processor; Windows 10 operating system. This one is perfect for entry level CPU which is okay for changes in games. It is affordable as well.


  • Excellent performance
  • Affordable
  • Does not use too much power


  • It is not as fast as 3300x
  • Could bottleneck on high-end GPU

Memory -16GB system memory. This is more than enough for full HD gaming and demanding programs.

SSD and Hard Drive – 240GB solid state drive and 1TB. This would definitely not give you any problems with it being fast and having a huge storage.

Case: Custom RGB case lighting; Wireless and wired network connectivity

SkyTech Archangel

This one comes with optimized 1080p gaming. It runs on AMD’s Ryzen 5 3rd gen CPUs and Nvidia 16 series graphics. It is very fast with its 3000MHz memory and 500GB SSD hard drive.

  • Motherboard: B450
  • Processor: Ryzen 5 3600 3rd Generation
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4 3000MHz Gaming Memory with Heat Spreaders
  • Hard Drive: 500GB SSD
  • Cooling: 3x RGB Ring Fans & CPU Air Cooler

Graphics Card

This PC comes with graphics card as mentioned earlier, GeForce GTX 1650. It is affordable and is considered as the best graphics card in terms of affordability. It could handle gaming in 1080p.


The processor of this PC is AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz which ensures better performance for mid-range CPU market. It is faster compared to its predecessor.

SkyTech Blaze II

This one is considered as a better version of SkyTech Archangel. It comes with a graphics card and additional 8 GB RAM. It runs on AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB Graphics Card which allows you to play fast paced games such as call of duty warzone, fornite, escape from Tarkov, Grand Theft Auto V, etc.

  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB Video Card
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core 3.6 GHz (4.2 GHz Max Boost)
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 3000 Gaming Memory with Heat Spreader
  • SSD: 500GB SSD
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Case: Skytech mATX Mid-Tower Tempered Glass Gaming Case
  • Fans: 3 x 120mm Ring RGB Fans

Graphics Card

The graphics card of this PC surely provides amazing value for full HD gaming. Though its price is a bit higher, it is worth it and worth investing on.


  • Great for 1080p gaming
  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Optimized perfect for battle royale games


  • The price is not really for those on a tight budget
  • Some games need to use more than 6GB


The Ryzen 5 3600 is the same processor as the previous processor.

New Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

Dell is a popular brand which has a conception of catering higher end gaming desktops. It is usually build with unlocked CPUs and has advanced graphics cards. This one unlike the usual Dell desktops, does not have its signature Alienware premium, but rather they have their custom built Inspiron.

  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super 4GB GDDR6
  • Processor: Intel Core I5 10th generation
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • SSD & Hard Drive: 256 Gb SSD & 1TB Sata Hard Drive

Graphics Card

This graphics card is considered as one of the most impressive graphics cards for those who are on a tight budget. It comes with amazing performance and still ensures that you are still within your budget.


  • Affordable
  • Impressive performance
  • Does not get too hot


  • Does not have RT cores
  • Limited ports

HP Pavilion

This computer is highly impressive when it comes to performance. It is powerful with its six-core, 12-thread AMD Ryzen (TM) 5 3500 processor and AMD Radeon (TM) RX5500 graphics card.

Graphics Card

The graphics card for this computer is AMD Radeon RX 5500 which is considered as a great mid-range graphics card market. If you wish you could use its 8GB version.


The processor that is being used in this PC is the powerful Ryzen 5 3500 mid-tier CPU with base clock speed of 3.6 GHz and boost clock speed of 4.1 GHz.


  • Great Single Core
  • Performance based on 7nm
  • Efficient
  • Process lower TFP


  • Does not have hyperthreading

HP Envy TE01

HP is a brand that is reliable and trustworthy which makes them the most expensive on this list. Though this one does not fit our budget of $1000, it is still worth checking it out.

  • Graphics Card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Syper (6 GB GDDR6 dedicated)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10700F
  • Memory: 32 GB memory
  • SSD &Hard Drive: 512 GB SSD storage & 1 TB HDD storage
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Keyboard and Mouse: HP wireless keyboard and mouse


The processor of this PC is Intel i7-10700F which has the ability to handle gaming, multitasking and many more.


  • Perfect for gaming
  • Perfect for multi-tasking and productivity
  • Superior all-core boost speed
  • Consume little power
  • Excellent for general gaming


  • Low base clock speed

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